Boy Choy Millenials

Captain’s Log   6,044

The park-wide picnic was strange.  The veggie options were beyond weird.  How odd to assume that all the vegetarians there (at least 150) would want to eat bok choy simmered in soy sauce with some sort of chewy mushroom bits.  Bok choy?  Even a peanut butter sandwich would have been better!

I have been a vegetarian since 1975.  The idea of serving bok choy to 150 people has never crossed my mind.  To me, bok choy is one of those vegetables they stick in Chinese food to make it look large.  Yes, I would eat it if I was stranded on a desert island, but I was at a park-wide picnic.

And they CONTROLLED the bok choy.  If you didn’t have a pink ticket AND the word “veggie” written on your plate, you couldn’t have any.  The catering staffer bees were fierce about it.  NO they said!  NO BOK CHOY FOR YOU!  The carnivores were so sad.  I could see it in their eyes.  It reminded me of that scene in Oliver when he asks for more.

I sat at a table with some older woman who was wearing giant old Floridian ladyish jewelry (enormous and clanky) and a large hat.  She looked rather like a bug.  She leaned in close to me and ask, “So, how are things with your perennials?”  I assumed she was talking about my hibiscus or perhaps the roses.  I also have a really impatiens that seems to grow all the time.  Since I had no idea who she was, I was confused as to how she had been made aware of what grows in my garden.  I played along.  I almost mentioned the new PH-balanced fertilizer I bought for my ferns….and then it dawned on me.  She was talking about my MILLENIALS!  Ha!  Those young ones with an odd work ethic who fluster the shit out of every employer in the park.


The ones who cannot stay off their devices for more than five minutes.  Dress code?  What’s that?  Zero loyalty to the job.  If something better comes along, they are out the door.  Burn up every available hour in their vacation/sick time banks.  Want to start out earning $150,000 a year because they are so brilliant and they went to college.  So very odd.

Actually, I have pretty good millenials working for me.  They have stayed on the job longer than a year and show respect for us old farts who actually run the place.  I cannot complain.  Well, I COULD complain, but compared to what my peers are dealing with, I have angels on my staff.

It’s Friday and I don’t have to dress up.  SCORE!


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11 responses to “Boy Choy Millenials

  1. poundheadhere

    I don’t get the bok choy thing. Even if you’re vegetarian, that isn’t a meal. It’s a garnish or filler. Yeesh. I could see oriental vegetables over rice – a good array of vegetables in a nice ginger sauce – as a vegetarian entree. But bok choy? No. No way.

  2. This wasn’t a picnic, it was a FAILure indeed.

  3. susanna

    Bok Choy is big around my house; Lette from the Philippines and Satomi from Japan use it a lot. I bought the baby bok once because like Patty O said they are so cute. I didn’t cook them just used them in a salad.
    I can see the soup Nazi’s now with the Asian accents! Funny.

  4. Patty O"

    I have bought baby bok choy three times just because they are so darn cute. However, after simmering in stock they look so sad and wilt-y that I find them depressing even before I taste them. So for:FAIL.

  5. Sally Vangorkom

    You forgot to mention the SALTY noodles!!!

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