Bring Dangerspouse Into the Light

Captain’s Log    6,043

Dangerspouse needs to move to WordPress.  He still writes on Diaryland and it is almost impossible to read him there.  Commenting is impossible unless you are a member of their exclusive enclave.   He needs to write using a site that easy for feedback and also easy to use.  It will be a whole new world for him.  Several of us have even offered to build his homepage for him.


You won’t die, Dangerspouse!  I promise!

old fashioned

The old ways just don’t work anymore!  Let us lead you forth into the light.

So let’s get him into this century by saying HUZZAH in the comments.  I am looking for some serious peer pressure here.


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43 responses to “Bring Dangerspouse Into the Light

  1. Ok, ok. You guys are seriously gonna regret it though when I become so popular that I take over the world and make all women go topless and lose 40 pounds. Even the anorexic ones.

    So…what do I gotta do? And what’s all this about other hosting sites being even easier than wordpress? I’m a complete dolt at these things, as Poundhead here will willingly attest. I mean, without her I wouldn’t even be on Diaryland. And that was made for preschoolers.

  2. Yes, we saw that it’s now the 25th July Saturday. We will be there with bells on.
    1. We did bring back something for you from the fair. We gotta get it to ya.
    2. A little old lady brought barrels of water pictures and jars and containers all looking like lemons, grapefruit, and now today like pineapples. Ya absolutely have to see. LOL

  3. If you want to be private and have your friends never see you again, stay there. Otherwise switch to either WordPress or Blogger. Blogger is easier to use, but The Captain is on WordPress. I like to impress her. Sincerely:

  4. How can you claim to be Dangerspouse if you can’t adapt to learning new tricks?

    • You have NO IDEA how technologically inept/challenged/retarded I am. It’s almost literally the “Danger” part of Dangerspouse. Learning new tricks generally involves learning new painkillers to take following the latest trip to the ER.

      • annanotbob

        Well it’s not possible to be less techno than me and still blogging, which is why I say journalscape wordscape is too hard, but think of all the fun you’re missing stuck over there – New Wifey’s (dunno how to do that TM with a ring round it) bottom probs could get the full and frank discussion they merit if all these good peeps could only join in.

  5. Patty O"

    I say AYE AYE, Cap’n!

  6. The Knitting Cinephile

    You don’t have to pay to host images on WordPress! And you don’t have to do all sorts of HTML to write an entry!

  7. susanna

    You are in astral cyberspace Dangerspouse, go into the Light, go into the Light!

  8. Ter

    Come to the dark side… we have cookies and juice!

  9. annanotbob

    To be honest, I’ve struggled with WordPress, but is easy pease and anyone can comment. Come into the light, Danger ger, we’ll look after you x

  10. bholles

    Do what Paula says Dangerspouse.

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