A Little Polyglot

Captain’s Log  6,038

So I had an interesting dinner and discussion last night with a gentleman who wants to open a museum in Sharjah, one of the Arab Emirate states.  I thought he wanted to open an auto museum, but it turns out he wants to open a center for world peace and the arts.  He showed me his building plans and explained how far along he is with the Minister of Museums and Culture there.  The ruler of Sharjah and his wife both love the project.  He was picking my brain to find out what types of programming might do well there.  Next to Dubai, this state is not as liberal socially or politically.  It was an interesting evening.  There is a German woman who works for the sultan in Sharjah, and she loves the project too.

I learned a lot about this part of the world last night.  I was invited to go visit.


This would be interesting!

I learned about the black markets for alcohol and prostitution.  They also have the religious restrictions about who can get into an elevator together, etc.   That really creeps me out.  I have to be honest.

My artist friend who set this all up brought her husband along.  Apparently, all three have been friends for some time.  When I mentioned I was hoping to go to the Netherlands in October, her husband started speaking to me in fluent Dutch (and also assumed I knew what he was saying).   He also speaks German, Italian, and French.  She lovingly refers to him as her little polyglot.  I haven’t heard that word in over half a century.

I never know where my days are going to take me.


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12 responses to “A Little Polyglot

  1. goatbarnwitch

    I think it would be fascinating to visit the home of that museum project but the religious overlay would make me want to scream very very quickly. It puzzles me that some of us can have an open curiosity and willingness to accept different cultures but some cultures insist on dictating or dehumanizing a part of humanity. I don’t know if I will resolve how I feel about this in this lifetime… particularly how if impacts my desire to be accepting and peaceable

  2. maryz

    I was going to suggest that maybe he’d offer you a job. But immediately, I realized that you’d probably be in jail or put on the first out-bound airplane as soon as you got there. 8^)

  3. susanna

    What a great evening…couldn’t get more exotic and a museum with the emphasis on world peace is such a great idea. I’m so glad he got to met you with all of your creative ideas and leadership you are the go to person for museums.
    I think a trip to Sharjah should be in your traveling future; you can hang with the German lady and the Sultan. Another arm chair adventure for me.

  4. I hope you get the opportunity to go there. My BIL was in those areas after he retired from the Navy….He was close with some of the Sheiks there and spent quite a bit of time with them.

  5. Patty O"

    Such chance meetings and stimulating evenings are SUCH a gift! To meet interesting people with challenging and positive IDEAS give all the “little grey cells” such a workout. I’ll be you went to sleep with a big smile on your face. Wow!

  6. maryz

    Interesting! I never heard of Sharjah before. Had you?

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