Fried Wonders

Captain’s Log   6,036

The San Diego County Fair is going full swing now.   I have to admit it.  I am not a fan.  Not at all.  I was “spoiled” by the big fairs in the Midwest.  I grew up with fairs like you see in the movies.   Our local fair isn’t anything like those.  Plus, the fair is in JUNE!  County fairs are supposed to be held in AUGUST.  Fairs are supposed to mark the end of summer vacation.

When I moved to Minnesota, fairs went up a notch.  The Minnesota State Fair is one of the best in the country.  Not only is it set on beautiful permanent grounds, it also features…..butter sculptures!

big butt

Both a vision in yellow

Jeanna Felling and Linda Christensen pose next to a butter head sculpture at the 2008 Minnesota State Fair.  CREDIT: Midwest Dairy Association

The queen’s court is always sculpted in butter.  Larger than life!

Minnesota also pioneered the amazing deep-fried cheese curd.


This is perfection and should never have been altered or changed in any way.  Just like hot dogs and peanuts should have been designated as the only food available at ball games, so should the cheese curds have been the only deep fried foods allowed at a fair.

But nooooooooooooooooo!  Now everybody wants to deep fry everything.  Now it’s all about eating the most disgusting fried food you can find.  Cheese curds actually taste like….cheese!  Because they are cheese!

I had to set up and take down a display at the fair a few years ago.  I refused to go while the fair was open.  Our display was right next to this.


There was so much grease on the street that I almost skated through it.   Gross!

And what is the most disgusting fried food at the fair this year?  As if Twinkies and frog legs and Kool Aid (yes, Kool Aid) isn’t enough?  As if deep-fried butter (yes butter) isn’t enough?

slim fast

How about a deep-fried Slim Fast bar?

Maybe I am getting old.  I just don’t see the humor in eating this kind of crap.  Somehow, the cheese curds don’t seem like crap.  Not compared to this.  Yes, I am probably loaded with a double standard here, but hey.  It’s my journal and I can say what  I want to!


Game of Thrones was a screamer last night.   If you don’t watch, I am so very sorry for you.



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18 responses to “Fried Wonders

  1. goatbarnwitch

    NY does the butter sculpture thing too since we are a big dairy state. The fried everything makes me want to scream… give me the 4H milkshake stand and I am good to go.
    I hope the hip issue is smooth sailing for Mia, you two have adventures to go on

  2. I grew up in Waterloo, Iowa – don’t think we ever once went to the fair. But we DID go to the Cattle Congress, which was just as awesome. My parents only took us a couple of times, unfortunately, when I was pretty young. I don’t remember the food at all, though back then the expectation was that it had to contain actual food.

    Except cotton candy, which everyone knew was pure, unadulterated sugar: the ultimate junk food

  3. Patty O"

    I have never liked the Fair. When I was a child I used to save my allowance so I could buy as many little chameleons as possible, take them home, and set them free. They were sold to be WORN AS LAPEL PINS! How awful is that? The SPCA finally put an end to that. Now the Food Police need to do something about those horrid fried concoctions. I did like the model trains and the chickens with feathery ankles…

  4. sorry to hear Mia is suffering from a bad hip. Hope it is taken care of very soon.

  5. Joanie Benson

    I can just imagine all the dieters at the fair going, “Oh, let’s have the deep fried 12 grams sugar 30 grams carbohydrate slimfast bar! That can’t be bad for us! Then we can have dessert!”

  6. bholles

    I miss the Minnesota State Fair.

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