The Meaning of Friendship

Captain’s Log   6,035

Not much going on these days except work.  I am making some plans for the trip to Portland in July and the road trip in August.  I am really looking forward to both chances to get out of town.  I am also grateful that the 4th of July is a 3-day weekend this year.  The legal holiday is July 3rd.  Thank goodness.

I did spend a lovely evening with my pals Jon and Lynn.  They went to Europe and we met up for Italian food and photo time.  They had an amazing trip!  England, Scotland, France, and Norway.  They are such sweet people.  I always laugh like a total fool when I am with them.  They bring it out in me.  Wheezing.  Tears rolling.  Even the wait staff got into the swing of it.  If they were annoyed with us, they certainly didn’t show it.  We hung out in the restaurant for three hours and then found a geocache across the street.  All three of us crawling around an electrical box using our iPhone flashlights.  Great time.

jon and lynn 2

Jon and Lynn enjoying Paris.  What great smiles!

I know I am blessed to have such good people in my life.  People like this don’t grow on trees.  Solid friendships must be nurtured and developed – always giving people lots of space.  We knew each other almost three years before we started calling each other “friend.”  And now….well….we truly love and care for each other.

I was listening to Delilah on the radio during the ride home.  She is a syndicated talk show host who spins tunes and gives advice from a satellite station in her house.  She has 13 kids (10 adopted and 3 biological).  I think she is amazing.  She also writes songs.  Her  advice is spot on.


I admit I do listen to her when I am driving in the evening.

She was talking about loneliness last night.   She basically said it’s a matter of choice.  And she is right.


And speaking of lots of kids……the Duggars.  I have not toe-dipped into these waters until now.  I did watch some of the interview last night, and I am convinced that Michelle and Jim Bob are either dumber than a bag of hammers or they are really unskilled at trying to cover their tracks.  The kid molested his sisters at least THREE TIMES!  That is probably a low number.  He only admitted to three times.  They waited until the third reported assault to get that little son of a bitch out of their house.  They counseled the girls.  Yeah…right.  Jim Bob actually said, “Well, it wasn’t like rape or anything.”  Ummmm…..yeah….okay.

According to legal experts, both parents could have gone to jail for knowingly allowing a sexual predator to live in their house.  But….the statute of limitations ran out on that one.  So they are off the hook – – –  free to continue making stupid statements about putting their girls at risk.  Holy shit.

bag of hammers

The mental capacity of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar.

Who calls themselves “Jim Bob” anyway?  I think there was a kid on the Waltons with that name, but holy shit.  Jim Bob?


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12 responses to “The Meaning of Friendship

  1. Patty O"

    You covered a lot of ground here, Girl! I with you on all of it; the value of good friends, the wisdom of some, and those awful Duggars. Parenting there that is beneath contempt.

    I love the term “tincture of time”. I am blessed with a couple of friends like that. They are life’s treasures.

  2. Joanie Benson

    What a lovely sentiment from your friend Lynn. I can tell she must be a really great person just like you! Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone were to open up their hearts like that and tell others how much they mean to them? It would make the world a better place.

  3. Lynn Ringard

    Sometimes Life puts people in your path and, if you pay attention, they keep crossing it until there is an unspoken, agreement that there is a mutual attraction. When Jon and I both met you, that night the Shelby club had a meeting upstairs at the auto museum, we thought we had won the lottery. You joined us for dinner and we laughed and laughed that night. You graciously gave us a tour, including a “behind the scenes” peek and we came away enriched.

    We probably overwhelmed you with befriending you on Facebook and inviting you to our house; we tend to jump in with both feet (or both pairs) when we find such a vivid spirit. It can be scary; WE can be scary. But time was our friend in this case. Lucky us!

    You are a great cultivator. A friendship cultivator. Lucky us. . . .again!

    Tincture of time provided the right environment for our friendship to grow and now, we couldn’t agree more, that we truly love and care for each other. I believe our mutual respect is felt when we listen to each other’s opinions and we listen with the intent to learn rather than the intent to respond. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we don’t. But we don’t get caught up in “right” fighting. We are content to allow each other to be who we are. And isn’t that the best we can expect from life.

    So, to my friend whose nerdiness resonates with ours – here’s to many, many more times where we can wipe the tears from our faces by letting our inner child out to laugh. Your words enveloped us in warmth. We love your light!

    And wow! We made the Captain’s journal! Thank you for sharing that. And if, sometimes, we go out to play and don’t quite follow society’s rules……well, I guess all I can say is…..pirate!

    Sent from my iPad

  4. Very sick. Makes me violently angry to think about it. Glad you liked my bit on the missions, but I thought you might react to that last link. She’s my grandmother.

  5. Interesting thought occurred to me. Jim Bob and wife don’t allow their daughters to kiss until marriage or even hug (except for side hugs but it was OK for Josh to touch them….guess because he was part of the family?

    • They never said it was okay for him to do that. They just said it might not be as bad because he didn’t rape them. The whole family admits he was wrong.

  6. goatbarnwitch

    I haven’t looked at the Duggar thing. I find the religious holier than thou crap bad enough without adding ignorance and denial. At least their money train from the TV show got cut, hopefully for good

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