Did Not See the Little Old Lady

Captain’s Log   6,028

Pasadena was as lovely as usual.  What a nice place.  I could spend a week there just looking at the Craftsman homes.

cs home

Most of them selling for at least a million.

But talk about a house with character!  Oh my!

We left my house at 5:30 AM and got to the Pasadena City College campus promptly at 9:00 AM for the marketing seminar.  That’s Los Angeles traffic for you.  We either flew like the wind or we slammed to a crawl.  When we were crawling during the last hour, I suggested getting off the freeway and trying side streets.  We got there in half the time.

Why anyone would choose to deal with Los Angeles traffic every day is beyond my ken (neener).

The morning workshops were good.  Lunch was…..not so good.  The cheese on the sandwiches was the weirdest thing ever.  It looked like partially melted Velveeta.  I refused to take even a bite.  Since I didn’t want to make it a 15-hour day by battling traffic on the way home, we bailed about 1:00 and headed back to San Diego.

We stopped in the town of Temecula on the way home for some food.  The old town part of Temecula is great.  The rest of it has become a series of strip malls.


Spectacular old buildings and mountain views.  The food wasn’t that great but the ambiance was amazing. 

Temecula has become a wine-producing region now.  Wine wine wine.  Too bad I don’t drink wine.

I have another long day today.  The museum is hosting an author event tonight.  I will be lucky if I am home before 10:00.  Just once I would like to experience this job as something with regular hours – just for a week.  No going in early.  No staying late.  Just putting in 8 hours a day Monday – Friday.  I wonder what that might feel like.


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20 responses to “Did Not See the Little Old Lady

  1. I *lovvve* crafstman houses. We don’t have enough of them in as nice shape as they do in Cali. Or, at least the ones I’ve seen.

  2. The light in california is so different.

  3. You would be so bored with the regularity.
    Sounds like it was a lot of fun even if the cheese wasn’t cheese.

  4. susanna

    LOVE craftsman homes. You can tour the beautiful craftsman Torrey Pines Inn any time. They don’t know who is there and who isn’t so you can walk the halls and see all the beautiful deco art work, have a drink in the craftsman bar and even hit the Jacuzzi or pool, no one watches. Very cool.

  5. poundheadhere

    Craftsman style is gorgeous – someday…

  6. I always wanted a Craftsman house. We rented one for a short time….loved the built-ins…..We also looked at one when we were house hunting years ago but “HE” didn’t like it!. LOL

  7. annanotbob

    Neil Diamond? Cool! xx

  8. bholles

    Maybe you can leave early tomorrow to prepare for Neil Diamond.

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