Pajama Day

Captain’s Log   6,026

I had a Saturday.  A rare Saturday with zero obligations.  And I loved every minute of it.  I DID change out of old jammies around 4:00 in the afternoon when I took a shower.  Only to put on clean jammies and spend the rest of the day in reading splendor.  Make that splendors.  I know there was more than one.

pj day

I read two books and about seventeen old magazines.  It was…heavenly!

The only thing that broke my lovely silence was when my neighbor put about two hundred empty beer bottles into his recycling can.  He has a problem with “when” to do stuff like this.  5:45 AM in not a good “when” moment for such things.  Especially since my bedroom windows are very close to where he manages to fuss with his trash cans.  He is extremely Type A and works as a flight instructor.  He probably had a student early in the morning…..but still.

When I lived in St. Paul, I had college kids who lived across the alley from me.  As you can imagine, there were many parties that dragged on into the wee hours of the morning.  Pleasant requests for toning down the noise after 11:00 were scoffed at and completely unheeded (neener).  Complaints to the landlord were futile as well.  The police came a few times and always shrugged and said something about them being “good kids letting off a little steam.” So I took it upon myself to treat them to something special after a night of merriment (that often included pissing on my tomato plants and vomiting behind my garage).  I was a budding fiddle player at the time, so I would take my fiddle and sit in the alley on a lawn chair.  I would scratch out an evil-squeaking rendition of You Are My Sunshine over…and over…and over.  Granted, I did this with full approval of the neighbors.  Between “sets,” I would loudly announce that I was “returning the favor.”

It took a few times, but it eventually worked.

Sometimes, I would call an early rehearsal with my band… the little fuckers were regaled with BANJO MUSIC as well.  That’ll learn ’em!


I broke my weekend reverie and went to breakfast and a movie with Big Sister Mia yesterday.  We saw a truly remarkable film.

sils maria

Juliette Binoche is brilliant!  And Kristen Stewart’s stoicism actually worked!

I looked at it with the eyes of an actor, a playwright, and a director.  I also looked at with the eyes of someone who really wants to go to Switzerland.  When I read the reviews last night, I was shocked to find so many people wound up over the fact that Binoche plays a middle-aged method actor preparing for a role as a lesbian in a London revival of a well-known play.  That was about 3% of the story.  The whole context of the movie was that she was being forced to move from the role of the ingenue (the role she had when the play was first produced 20 years earlier).  She was now going to play the role of the older woman, and she was struggling with what that meant for her as an actor AND as an individual.

The movie has a lot of large unanswered spaces for us to make up whatever we want.  I saw it as a film about a woman coming to terms with how she must change her purview to stay connected with who she is as an artist.  Highly recommended.


Busy week at the museum.  The Travel Channel is coming tomorrow.  I got my wardrobe instructions this morning.  No business suits or clunky jewelry.  No problem.

I head off to Pasadena on Wednesday for an all-day seminar on marketing.

But for today….this would be extremely wonderful……



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16 responses to “Pajama Day

  1. poundheadhere

    I vote for the drill sergeant’s suit. You’re going to rock that show 😉

  2. I once went to speak to a guy about his loud music, and then the whole time I kept thinking,”I can’t believe that I have become the lady telling OTHERS to keep it down!” For every thing there is a season, right?

  3. susanna

    The amazing day of rest: I read two books and seventeen magazine articles. You are packing about 10 lives into this one Poolie, on all fronts. The first of my I love the way ya say it: Patty: gotta get em where they live and You: that’ll learn em. Fun reading.

  4. The story about the college neighbors reminds me of a story my son told me. He and his best high school buddy lived on the top floor of an apt. building. Neighbor below often turned on his stereo at the loudest and most bass level during the night. I don’t know exactly how it worked but son’s best friend had some type of rebounding bass music thingie that he would turn on over the bedroom floor and make the walls vibrant when the neighbor below started in. Didn’t take long for neighbor to learn his lesson.

    Hope the interview went well for you today.

  5. Patty O"

    LOVED your fiddle and banjo retaliation tale! Many years ago a next door neighbor would get high and play the same twangy CW album over and over and over at high volume at a time when I had 3 small children trying to sleep. I got even; my stereo system was much better than his and I owned a long tape of “Great Moments from Grand Opera”. I gave it to him with both barrels until he got the picture. Gotta get ’em where they live! Glad you had such a brilliant day!

  6. bholles

    That movie was so good.

  7. Penny Tushingham

    Glad you had a 100% Poolie Day! They are hard to come by!

    Pen Pen

  8. Ooo, the Travel Channel!

    Er…a Drill Sergent’s outfit is not a business suit, right?

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