Uber Allergic to Cat Hair

Captain’s Log   6,023

Had a severe allergic reaction to cat hair yesterday.  Well, all of my reactions to cat hair are severe – it just depends on HOW severe.  It wasn’t bad enough to need a trip to the emergency room.  That has happened at least a dozen times.  But every time I am exposed to cat hair, the reaction is worse.  It’s no joke.  The wheezing and burning in my lungs is horrid.  

When we got on the plane to Vegas last month with people who had two cats in a carrier, I seriously had to make sure I was far enough away to stay safe.  One tiny cat hair can do the damage.  And I found out if I am the one with the allergy, I am the one who needs to re-schedule my flight if necessary.  The pet owners are not required to do anything about it.  

And I quote from Travel Santa Fe New Mexican

Unfortunately for allergy sufferers, it usually doesn’t matter why the animal is in the cabin. Chances are, unless it’s growling, hissing or biting other passengers, it’s staying on board.  That means allergy sufferers must take sensible precautions.

So the onus is on me.  What if my sensible precaution isn’t enough?

I might be able to get past this somewhat better if I liked cats.  I don’t like cats.  Not a bit.  They walk on counters and shit in the house.  That means shitty paws are walking all over areas you might not want to be cat shitty.  They scratch and bite.  They ruin furniture and your clothing with their claws.  I really don’t like them.  I have tried.  I have truly tried to like cats.  Most cat owners assure me that their cats are loving and would never rip up my favorite shorts or piss on the bed.  I find that hard to believe.  My neighbor’s cat just sprayed my garage door (after I was told he is such a sweetie and never sprays anywhere).  I am still trying to get rid of the bad smell.


I think my severe allergy is God’s way of telling me to stay the hell away from cats.  Sorry for all you cat lovers out there.  I know you are having great times with your felines.  Just not me.  Ever.



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19 responses to “Uber Allergic to Cat Hair

  1. susanna

    Is it better for you with no dogs in the house also?

  2. What does your allergist say. They used to offer a series of shots that lessened the reaction? I hope this will work with you. I’m so very sorry.

  3. Sorry about your reaction. If it makes you feel any better, apparently I was outside too long yesterday amongst the trees and dirt. I had a very bad night, freezing INSIDE my body, itchy throat,, coughing and sneezing and aches and pains all over. I know I never slept more than 20 minutes at a time. By the time I figured out it was an allergy reaction, I had already taken too many ALeve and dared not take any allergy meds. Today I feel like you looked! LOL

  4. Joanie Benson

    Some people think cats are the spawn of the devil. You’re probably one of them. haha The video you showed me when I was coloring your hair was frightening! It was almost like watching someone film themselves as they were dying. At first I thought it was when you were really sick in Las Vegas, Couldn’t imagine that happening in a matter of seconds after being close to not a cat but just a cat HAIR. One of those gas masks like the guy in the photo has on might be the ticket.

  5. poundheadhere

    I’m sorry for the exreme reaction 😦 I hope the epi pen happens because it sounds like it may come down to life and death sooner or later.

  6. bholles

    Glad you are going to see a doc about this.

  7. goatbarnwitch

    Hey, I am a cat person but they have such a broad spectrum of behaviours that the odds that they will do something objectionable is pretty inevitable…. I live in a house that the previous owners had small dogs (which sadly are as bad as cats) so we have baseboards scratched by the previous small dogs and door frames maimed by my semi retired barn cat who stays in a good bit of the time now…. depends on your perspective on animals in the house probably as to how much you will tolerate.
    I think the epi pen would be a good thing for you to have considering your level of breathing difficulty. I have one for my bee allergy and I have as yet to have a respiratory reaction. Better safe than sorry as they say, tell the doc I said so 😉

  8. Patty O"

    Have you ever asked your doctor about an Epi Pen? Since your reactions are respiratory would carrying one of those help at all?

  9. Ter

    It’s crummy you’re dealing with this, but it seems like you know what to do. Don’t feel obligated to defend your position. I have two cats, and they’re occasional assholes. They can be loving and behave, and then they have moments of utter stupidity that result in anything from a swat to a hit with an air gun (actual water cannon, but it’s too cold for that stuff right now) to learning to fly (no moon door required). They’re *animals* fercryinoutloud! We try to mitigate the hair as best we can, but nothing is fool-proof. Just b/c total immersion worked for me (I was a pack/3 days Sudafed eater at one point) doesn’t mean it works for everyone.

  10. Aren’t there shot that you can take? Not so you’ll like cats, I think that ship has sailed, but just so that your reaction to incidental cat hair isn’t so extreme.

    • poolagirl

      The incidents are rare (but extreme). I don’t like taking medication unless absolutely necessary. Avoidance usually works. Except when it doesn’t. LOL!

  11. Penny Tushingham

    Wish you didn’t have to deal with this!

    Pen Pen

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