Whisper and Pus

Captain’s Log   6,021

How do they do this?

How can I order something from Amazon on Sunday afternoon and have it delivered to my house before 2:00 on Monday afternoon?  All the way from Kentucky!

How do they do that?

I just got these.  I am so excited!  More ugly shoes for the ugly shoe collection.


Keens Whisper Sandal.  If you hold them up to the side of your head, you can hear the ocean.

I also found this in the archives.  Might be fun to look at it again.  I call it Lady Pus Brain.

lady pus brain

I think I was having issues with someone at the time. 


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12 responses to “Whisper and Pus

  1. I was thinking drones too! I ordered something from Amazon and got it the next day too. Can’t remember what it was, though.

  2. Patty O"

    Yup, those are really, really ugly shoes…and that Brunhilde isn’t so attractive either!

  3. Stephanie

    I love Keens shoes, and have considered getting the Whisper sandal but I’m afraid my pinky toe will stick out of the side webbing (as it does with other sandals of that style). Are they super comfortable?

  4. poundheadhere

    Amazon has a fulfillment center here in Arizona too, for the record, but as to how it got from Kentucky to you in a day, who knokws?

  5. bholles

    They use drones.

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