One Moment at a Time

Captain’s Log   6,014

Tired, face sunburned (in spite of hat and glasses), and really ready for a day off.  I have been working like a machine since last Monday.  Two more and I am off to Vegas for three days of fun with family and friends.  Thank goodness.  A girl can only take so much work fun.

My business manager went to a seminar last week and learned that it’s now illegal to have someone work seven days in a row.  That doesn’t apply to me, unfortunately.  Just those paid hourly.  Back in the day when I was the lowliest peon on the charts at the museum, I once worked 27 days in a row.  Not that I was counting or anything.  And when the director told me to take a few days off, I thought those were going to be a gift.  Oh no!  He wanted me to take those without pay.

He was a total bastard.  He would go off to Costa Rica for two weeks at a time and leave me in charge.  And that meant doing his job AND my job.  And since my job was the event planner that required weekends, I worked way beyond what should have been allowed.  Plus, he preferred to pay me overtime than give me a day off every now and then.  I will never forget the time he left me absolutely ALONE to process 100 motorcycles for a special exhibit.  Bikes were coming in all day long.  There was a store clerk and me.  The clerk could not help at all.  During all of this, the alarms started to malfunction.  Since I was not on the official call list for the alarms, I couldn’t arrange for them to be shut off.  So they rang like bloody hell every 20 minutes.  I called him in Portland where he was vacationing for two weeks and told him I needed help.  He agreed to call the alarm company and get that fixed, but he refused to get me any help with those bikes.  So…… I calmed down and said in the sweetest voice I could muster….. “I understand.  Completely.  I understand that you don’t want to pay anyone to help me.  So I hope you understand this.  I am handing my keys to the clerk in the store and I am leaving.  And I am never coming back.  This is my letter of resignation.  Effective immediately.  Have a nice time on your vacation.”

There was someone in place to help me in about 30 minutes.  When he got back from Portland, he gave me a raise.  It was an improvement and I was moved up the food chain to the second level from the bottom.  Even so, if I finished up an event at the museum at midnight, he expected me back on the job by 8:15 the next morning.  He also wouldn’t let us order our own food at the Christmas party at a Chinese restaurant even though we all voted for Italian food.  He ordered for us.  And you could only have an alcoholic beverage if you were full-time.  And there were four of us assigned to one dessert.

A vendor gave me a promotional baseball cap but the boss wouldn’t let me wear it because it might look like a bribe.  When Smart Cars came in for a demo, we weren’t allowed to wear their t-shirts.  Stupid shit like that.  Talk about picking your battles!


No doubt

So when some of my staff carry on about how awful I am as a boss, I am tempted to tell them about the good old days.  But they are not interested in how far I walked to school uphill in the snow or how many days I worked without a break.    They just agonize over every little slight that crosses their paths.  Is it a millenial thing?  I am starting to believe the whole millenial stereotype stuff.   Needy, belligerent, out for self-gratification, and constantly asking for time off.  I don’t have a single millenial on my staff that has more than six hours in their time-off banks.   They earn the hours and use them immediately.  And they don’t save a cent.  It’s paycheck to paycheck.

So I face another Monday with no time off to re-charge my emotional batteries.  Just two more days.  I keep telling myself that.  Two more days.

And yes, retirement has been discussed with my board.  It’s on the horizon now.  Not in the immediate future, but I plan to leave on my 65th birthday.  That will give me 12 years with the museum and 8 years as the director.  That has got to be a record.  There were directors who lasted less than 6 months.  One guy was fired by the board for purchasing a ladder without prior approval.  At least my current board allows me to spend up to $5,000 on unbudgeted items, using my own discretion.  If I had to call the board every time I needed a ladder or a box of colored copy paper, I would shoot myself.   Larger purchases (like a new server) are discussed at board meetings.  It’s common sense.

So it’s time for a shower and a smile.  I have two big meetings before I go.  One today and one tomorrow.  One moment at a time.  One moment at a time.


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12 responses to “One Moment at a Time

  1. I’m glad you are getting closer to the time when you can do what you want, when you want, IF you want or if you don’t. Enjoy Vegas….

  2. poundheadhere

    I couldn’t do what you do. I hope you take every minute that’s yours and run with it.

  3. goatbarnwitch

    Work marathons suck! Keep your eye on the prize and get yourself to the other side and Vegas 🙂

  4. farmgirl

    how good will that vacation feel!!! Only hope you can relax enough to enjoy it!!

  5. We are very proud of you. G reports that WWII looks great, and there were uniforms worn by the volunteers sunday that made it all better. You is a winnah.

  6. Penny Tushingham

    Hope your day improves because it isn’t starting off really well.

    Pen Pen

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