Another Eventful Evening

Captain’s Log   6,013

I went out with friends last night for dinner and dessert.  I had no idea one of the people was diabetic.  Drinking a large Coke with dinner and then having cake and ice cream for dessert set off a really bad reaction once we got back to their house.  It was scary.  I have never seen anyone go into a hyperglycemic reaction before.  She turned instantly pale, started with cold sweats, and became incoherent.  We got her down on the sofa and started hustling to do something.  Apparently, this has happened before.  I suggested the ER.  As we were about to make that happen, she slowly started to come around.  She was so dehydrated she could barely make her lips move.  Naturally, there was no way to test the sugar level.  Her husband spoke to a friend who is an ER nurse, and we followed instructions.  She was sitting up on the sofa talking and drinking copious amounts of water after about 45 minutes.  She doesn’t really remember a thing.

I could tell her husband was really scared, so I stayed until we were both sure sure sure it was going to be okay.  She takes meds for her diabetes at night, and the ER nurse suggested giving those to her as soon as she could start drinking water.

You just never know when you might find yourself kneeling next to your friend –  taking her pulse and putting cool, wet towels on her head and neck.  You just never know.  All the while trying to Google what to do.

They promised me a “do over” to make up for the unfortunate evening.  I told them there is no need for such things.  It was an honor for me to be there to assist.  Obviously, the universe put me there last night for a reason.  It is a blessing when you can be of service.


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16 responses to “Another Eventful Evening

  1. High sugar is much more difficult to deal with than low sugar, but it sounds like your friend was lucky to have great friends around to help! Well done.

  2. Joanie Benson

    Geez! Thank goodness you were there!

  3. goatbarnwitch

    Thank goodness everything turned out OK for your friend. Scary stuff for sure. I hope that a glucose monitor is in the future for this friend as it would give some real time information about how eating choices will create reactions. I know Medicare allows for a single purchase of a monitor but uninsured or private insurance may be a different issue. Just a thought, but when my mom passed I gave her glucose monitor away on a freecycle list and it was very much appreciated… maybe this would help if insurance won’t cover a monitor,

  4. Glad the Universe placed you in just the perfect spot to help….Hope tonight is much more relaxing.

  5. poundheadhere

    I’m glad your friend is all right and that you survived the evening with your sanity more or less intact. What a frightening experience!

  6. Patty O"

    I am stunned that she would even try such a dessert combination, but even more so that she does not have a monitor. I thought all diabetics had one as some check their levels multiple times a day. But good for you for helping. You’re right; that’s scary.

  7. annanotbob

    Crikey. Was she a bit foolhardy drinking coke and eating cake and ice cream? Very glad it all turned out OK. By the way, did you see that the mist that was so photogenic yesterday turned out to be massive pollution? The advice was to stay indoors, but I didn’t see it till this afternoon! Yikes. xxx

  8. bholles

    Sounds like you had quite a nite.

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