Hard Hat Goddess

Captain’s Log   6,009

We had a hellish time with our new hard hats today.  The instructions made no sense.  We could not get the inside harness to fit properly.  It seemed to be all or nothing.

Here is nothing.

hat 1

Looks like a colander without holes

And here I am with the harness attached.

hat 2

Obviously something was wrong with the clips

We ended up calling customer service somewhere.  We had two technicians on the phone not really knowing how to do it.  Finally, some guy was able to patiently talk us through.  The printed directions said nothing about folding pieces of plastic over on themselves or some such thing.

The hard hats are mainly for me.  I moved a ladder a few years ago and someone had left a hammer on the top step.  The hammer missed me by inches.  I really don’t need another divot in my head.


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14 responses to “Hard Hat Goddess

  1. poundheadhere

    I think the hat lining could use a trim.

  2. LOL Your comments today are not at all boring. Yes, I am sitting here shaking my head glad I am your friend.

  3. I think you should have a hard hat decorating contest at your next staff meeting. Winner gets…..some thing!

  4. IKEA makes hard hats now?

  5. Patty O"

    Ah. Hat made in China from a Finnish design and instructions translated from Urdu…

  6. bholles

    You are so cute.

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