New Stuff and Saying Farewell Again

Captain’s Log  6,007

Been busy.   Been getting up early to take care of lots of projects….and meetings.

Once again, I have staff members who have no concept of teamwork.  I had a dream the other night where I turned in my keys.  It felt so good in the dream.  I can only imagine how good it will feel when it actually happens.  Most of the people I work with at the museum are baby souls.  They really don’t get it.  Case in point, they do not understand the value of allowing someone to fail.  There are times when it is far more important to stand back and let someone fall into a hole rather than argue your way with them. Experience is the best teacher.  There are times when you just shut up and let someone back themselves into a corner.  It’s a tactic I have learned over the years.  I don’t always have to be right.  The universe will take care of that for me.

Our new exhibit is shaping up nicely.  The vehicles are HUGE and quite amazing.  This is called the Weasel and it was made by Studebaker.  It’s a wee tank that can do all kinds of cool stuff.  The one we borrowed from Camp Pendelton is already on the floor.


We had to roll it across large sheets of plywood to make sure it didn’t rip up our floors.

We are very excited about this exhibit.  It’s the biggest undertaking we have ever done.  I will post photos as we progress.


The sad news is the death of Harriet (l’empress) over the weekend.  We had been online buddies for several years, and when I went to New England last fall with Friend Pam, I got to meet her.  We had lunch in Worcester, MA with Harriet, her daughter Rebekah, and another blogger named Diane Sanford.  We had such a good time.


Harriet, Rebekah, Heinous, me, and Diane.  Friend Pam took the photo.

It’s sad.  I feel very sorry for her family.  She was a funny and spunky little lady with a wicked sense of humor and an even sharper wit.  She had been seriously ill for the last few months.  Even though her death was expected, it’s still hard when it happens.

I consider myself fortunate that I actually got to meet her.


And thanks to everyone who missed me here.  I got a few emails and Joanie, Hairdresser Exceptionale, called me this morning about 6:45 to see if I was okay.  She was looking at her microwave timer and thought it was 8:30.  She is so damn funny!  Anyway, I am fine.  Just busy.


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20 responses to “New Stuff and Saying Farewell Again

  1. I miss Harriet already. She’d been declining for a while – her last couple of blog entries said as much – but that makes it no easier on her family. She lives on in hearts because love never dies.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out to Studebaker….At least, Indiana is well known for some good things! LOL. I’m sure Harriet is much better now and I can only hope she was greeted by many old friends and family members.

  3. annanotbob

    I’m glad you’re OK,I was wondering if you’d chucked it in after hitting the 6,000, though I didn’t really think so – some of us just do it cos it’s what we do now, I reckon! Sad about Harriet – we got off on the wrong foot when I mistook her for Harri3tthespy (long and embarrassing story), but managed to get over it. May she rest in peace xxxx

  4. PS: Yes, Harriet was a special person. I was honored to meet her online through you.

  5. G had a lot of fun with visitors on Saturday in the much smaller museum. Really looking forward to the new show. 🙂

  6. Joanie Benson

    I have too many damn clocks in my house. I was awake since 3;30 and got up at 4 cuz I couldn’t go back to sleep, so it seemed like I’d been up for hours when I looked at the microwave clock and it said 8;30 and thought “Oh, it’s late enough to call Rapunzel (Paula) and see if she’s still alive.” I was so happy when you answered the phone, way happier than you, I’m sure, since it was only 6;45. SORRRY. But I’m glad you thought it was funny that I have no idea what time it is. Just one more manifistaion of my declining awareness. ha ha

  7. maryz

    I’m so jealous that you got to meet Harriet in person. I was really hoping to be able to do that some day. She will be missed.

  8. Good to see you back. I was concerned about your absence also, but as usual too lazy to actually inquire about it.

    Sorry about Harriet. Anyone Heinous hangs with is alright by me. I’m sure she’ll be missed.

    Wow, what a great exhibit that looks to be!! Yeah, post pics as it goes along. Fascinating! I had no idea Studebaker made military vehicles. That Weasel looks like a hoot!

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