The X Files Remind Me of Home

Captain’s Log   6,006

It was a lovely weekend.  I ended up staying home on Saturday.  The guy in Los Angeles never called to confirm a time or place, so I stayed home.  I stayed home to the point of not even getting out of pajamas all day.  Those days are rare and lovely.  I didn’t go anywhere.  I didn’t do anything except start watching the X Files.  And yes, I think it’s great.


The believer and the skeptic

Up until now, I had only watched one episode about some inbred family burying someone alive on a farm.  I think it might have been a small child.  That was my introduction to the show, and I was promptly ill and disgusted.  A co-worked assured me that particular episode was the only one to received a viewer content warning.  How lucky for me I picked that one as my introduction to the show.  I didn’t sleep well for days!

One of the episodes I watched yesterday was about Sioux City, Iowa and Lake Okoboji.  I went to college in Sioux City and spent many weeks in the summer at the lake during my childhood.  This one was about alien abduction – something my mother firmly believed happened to people right behind our house in the athletic field.  She was quite an insomniac and swears she saw stuff all the time.  She used to say they were coming for her someday.

Lake Okoboji became famous for its pretend university.  They made it up for fun and it stuck.  Now, university products are the hottest game in town.


I want a sweatshirt.

We would rent a few cabins at Pick’s Resort for a week.  The whole family on my mom’s side would show up.  The cabins look like this today.  Imagine them without the big windows.  That’s what they looked like when we stayed there.


4-6 people per cabin.  Cozy fun.

Close to our cabins was the famous Abbie Gardner Cabin.  She and her family moved to Iowa from New York in 1856.  Winter was coming so they built the small structure to get them through the winter.  Supplies were short and the local Indians grew angry with the settlers.  Over several days, the tribe killed 33 settlers and took several others hostage (including Abbie).  The Great Spirit Lake Massacre of 1857 is something we all learned in school.  But to see the cabin as a child used to frighten the shit out of me.


I was told the ghost of the Dakota Indian warrior, Inkpaduta, was haunting the place.

Abbie was eventually released.  She purchased the cabin, operating it as one of Iowa’s first tourist attractions until her death in 1921.  For a quarter, or ten cents for children, visitors could see the displays in her log cabin museum and listen to her stories of the Spirit Lake Massacre, her captivity, and rescue. In her later years, Abbie forgave the Native Americans and even developed a lifelong interest and admiration for Native American culture.

So that’s a glimpse of my childhood – all spawned from watching an episode of the X Files.  One never knows what will spark a memory.




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18 responses to “The X Files Remind Me of Home

  1. susanna

    sore finger, can’t type much but it sounds like scary camp fire stories were for REAL at camp Okoboji.

  2. The irony is that was also the first show I ever saw of the X-Files, and had the same kind of reaction you did. My son convinced me to check out another episode, though, after which I was hooked. Smart writing, smart acting, and just plain fun. It was also to blame for getting me online, lol.

  3. I never got into the X Files although my husband and son loved the series. That episode must have really triggered those memories for you. Hope you enjoy the rest of the series.

  4. Patty O"

    What a FUN tale to read…and that last sentence is truly profound.

  5. farmgirl

    Okoboji is 45 mins from here. I am over there at least once a week. You can come stay and visit it anytime then! The West Bend Grotto is 20 mins. Blast from the past? Do you remember roller skating at Roof Gardens in Okoboji in high school? No longer there but museum with pictures. Was so fun!

  6. Sally Vangorkom

    The truth is out there…

  7. bholles

    We used to have so much fun in the cabins.

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