Friend Cristy

Captain’s Log   6,005

I spent a lovely evening with my friend, Cristy.  She recently bought a house and I was anxious to see it.  She is definitely making it her own space.  Gorgeous remodeling being done.  We spent our entire time in the kitchen (typical).  Lovely room with a fireplace, new cabinets, new fixtures, new appliances, new paint.  And she cooked a lovely meal.

A fireplace in the kitchen!  How cool is that?  She also had a comfy seating area in the room with two big chairs.  So you could make your tea and sit down by the fire – all in the same room.  Clever idea.

The house also has a HUGE covered patio.  Perfect for parties.  I dropped a hint.

Typical of older homes, there were some odd things done to the bathrooms.  The most unusual was original maroon tile around the tub.  Lovely.  But the tub is robin egg blue.  Rather odd.  She is going to have the entire tub moved to the other side of the room.  Not the blue tub.  That one will go bye-bye.

I had maroon bathroom tile in one of the houses I rented.  It was lovely because the tub and sink were both cream-colored.  So the combo was really nice.

I love my bathtub now.  It has air jets.  And it is not blue.

air tub

When I really want to have fun, a put a little shampoo in the water and kick on the jets.  Bubbles galore!  I think that was the same of a stripper back in the day.  Bubbles Galore.

Anyway, I am thrilled for Cristy.  She has worked so hard to bring herself up in the company.  We met when we were both working at the church for very little money.  She saw the writing on the wall and got herself out of there before the whole place fell apart.  She took classes, she got some incredible experience for her resume, and now she has a great job.  And now she has a wonderful house to call her own.

Glad it’s Friday, but work is going to take me to the Los Angeles area tomorrow.  I don’t really mind.  I love to drive.


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8 responses to “Friend Cristy

  1. You too have a lovely home. I adore your tub. So there.

  2. poundheadhere

    And you now have a lovely home too, likewise earned by blood, sweat and tears

  3. Her home sounds very cozy and special. I’m glad you were able to visit.

  4. susanna

    I am happy for her. The house sounds great. Glad you were able to have an evening with her as the two of you have SO much history together and it was not dull. It was DRAMATIC history. You tub is squeaky clean gorgeous!

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