Grrrr on the Utility Company

Captain’s Log   6,002

The local utility company has a plan.  They want to start charging a flat meter fee for everyone who is hooked to service.  $5 a month to start and capping at $10.  And then…..they want to charge people like me (those who conserve and take efforts to minimize usage)……charge people like me a higher per kilowatt rate than they do the people who run air conditioners all day along and do 20 loads of laundry a week.  If you use a lot of energy, your bill will go DOWN.  If you conserve, your bill will go UP.

They say this is an effort to make it fair for all the rate payers.  Fair?  Their excuse is it’s too expensive for rate payers who live in the desert with a lot of kids.  Well, shit fire!  Who told them to have so many kids?  If you have kids, you need to PAY for them!  Dammit!  And if you want to live in a boiling hot climate, expect to pay for your comfort!  Do people in Minnesota act all whiny baby when they have high heating costs in the winter?  Shit no!  They accept it and understand it’s all part of the equation for living there.

And, get this……  The company says it will not see an increase in revenue.  Bullshit.  If they aren’t going to see an increase in revenue, why are they going to all this trouble?  Are their hearts really bleeding for the desert dwellers with too many kids?  When is the last time a utility company has ever felt sorry for anyone?

And a meter fee?  They contend it costs them more to maintain my service than what I pay.  How on earth can it cost more than $40 a month to service my $40 usage?   With the $10 meter charge AND the proposed increase, my fee will be about $55 a month.  That isn’t going to kill me financially, but why should I be punished for saving energy?

And the meter fee again!  That’s like charging an extra $2 for using the hose every time you stop for gas.  Or getting into a taxi with a pre-set $2.50 on the meter just for the privilege of picking you up.  Crazy shit.

Oh, and they are going to subsidize people who cannot afford to do this.  If they are going to subsidize people, why do it in the first place?  Leave it alone!

I would love to slip away tomorrow and attend the city council hearing on this nonsense.  Unfortunately, I have a work ethic that doesn’t allow me to do such things.  Maybe someone will punish me for that someday too.  Get a higher wage if you slack off.  Makes about as much sense as this crap the utility company is trying to hoodwink us with this time.



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20 responses to “Grrrr on the Utility Company

  1. People already get paid a higher wage for slacking off. Have you ever checked out government jobs?

  2. susanna

    First let me say, that sucks!! Next, I paid $245.25 in Feb. for G&E. There are 6 of us here. The washer is going daily, etc. I don’t use the heater and don’t have central air but the little room air conditioners are used sometimes. Sounds like I will be one of the beneficiaries of this new unfair deal.

  3. Reminds me of when as an employee, you work really hard and do more than your share but when you get your review ~ you are told that you “make more money” than anyone else in your same job so you can’t have a raise….Yeah, that’s why I have 3 Associate Degrees in insurance related fields that I earned on my own time…… Not much incentive to continue to do a good job.

  4. Joel Anderson

    It’s people like John & I are the cause of this. We put solar on the roof a few years ago, SDGE is not happy because our bill is about 1/4 of what it used to be. They say solar people aren’t suppling enough money to keep there system in repair.

  5. Patty O"

    OK. Call SANDAG. Call CALPIRG. Write the PUC. Find out what agency or organization plans to fight this and then we all JOIN them. Let’s not be SHEEP! If they want to charge US, let’s make it cost them in aggravation! (P.S. The same thing happens with water. They tell us to conserve and when we do they raise the rates. There’s a logic to it. A sick logic but logic nonetheless.)

  6. Joanie Benson

    That is WAY screwed up! Who ARE the people who make these kinds of decisions? Oh, yeah, MORONS!

    • poolagirl

      And the people who make these decisions never answer for it. They send some PR person out there to take the heat.

  7. bholles

    Makes no sense.

  8. Penny Tushingham

    Watch out for Pirate Poola. She’s on a roll today!

    Pen Pen

  9. sally vangorkom


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