Movies the Right Way

Captain’s Log   6,001

I went to see Whiplash with my sister yesterday.  Holy shit.  Holy shit.  I thought the nuns were crazy bad when I was a student.  This movie should have been renamed……Band Geeks Pay Lots of Money to Join an Elite Squad Lead By a Psycho Drill Sergeant.  I will never complain about sore and blistered guitar fingers again.


J.K. Simmons plays one scary dude

We saw the film at the Arclight Cinema in La Jolla.  Neither of us had ever been there before, and it was amazing.  Just $2 more than regular theaters, but the difference was amazing.  We felt like we were walking into an art gallery experience.  It was lovely.


Makes going to the cinema a real artistic experience

None of the over-sized reclining seat nonsense here.  Just great seats with cool cup holders and state-of-the-art screens and sound.  In addition to popcorn, they have designer food at the concessions that you buy yourself and take in yourself.  None of that waiter nonsense either.  I think I am going to treat myself to mozzarella sticks next time.  I will pass on the full bar.  I don’t want to drink a martini when I watch movies.  I have been such a movie freak for so long that the classic experience is fine with me (with the anticipated departure from the norm with those mozzarella sticks).  I must admit I have become quite fond of the kid packs.  Small popcorn, kid-sized drink, and a pack of candy.  What’s not to love?

kids pack

Who needs more than this?  Come on!  And it’s no longer embarrassing to order it or pretend that you have a kid hidden somewhere in the lobby.

How much of a movie freak am I?  When I was a kid growing up in Remsen, Iowa……  My mom sent me to the movies almost every Friday night and then again on Sunday afternoon.  I usually saw films twice.  Sometimes four times depending on the length of the run.  It was 30 cents to get in and another 10 cents for a box of popcorn.  I LIVED at that movie theater.

When I became an adult, I had low-paying jobs like everyone else, so I usually found a second-run place where I might pick up a double feature for $2 or so.  Every now and then, I treated myself to a first-run film.  When I moved to San Diego, I was only a few miles from a second-run house that charged $2 per film.  I was in heaven.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t profitable and is now a 99-Cent Store.  Piss.

There is a artsy little house close to where I live that charges $8 for all seats.  Tuesdays and Thursdays are just $6.  What a deal.  It’s a bit older and the seats are not fancy or stadium-style, but I don’t care.  It’s underneath a shopping mall and hard to find, but I love it.

And the last bit of film snobbery………I have a hard time enjoying movies on television.  There is something about walking in to a dimly-lit space, watching previews, and then immersing yourself in the full experience of movie watching.  Television just doesn’t make the grade.  I want MOVIES done the right way!


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20 responses to “Movies the Right Way

  1. My stepfather used to get us 3 girls out of the house by giving us money to go to the movies (usually a double feature) plus $1 each to buy 10 kinds of candy bars (EACH!!!!) at the Walgreen’s on the corner. All that and a sugar rush too! It was awesome!

  2. susanna

    There is nothing like the big screen and the sound so loud it rings in the ears for hours after. At home I tend to be doing something else when I put on a net flick. Cleaning room, paperwork, I rarely give my full attention so it does not compare to the THEATER. I love that theater. You can have dinner n the lobby and then hit the flick. Amazing.

  3. poundheadhere

    You’re right – even with a humongous-screen TV, it’s not the same as a movie theater!

  4. goatbarnwitch

    The mozzarella sticks would make me think of the drive ins. LOVED the drive in

  5. Yes, no, and yes. We like the big fat seats, but can’t afford to go to many movies. Yes, we will try the Arclight with joy. And too, we sure will try the kids pack with joy too.

    The Vogue in Chula Vista used to be 25 cents on Saturdays for the kids matinees. 🙂

  6. Valerie

    I have a thing about seeing previews. Sometimes the theater will show 7! Heavenly! Then I challenge my brain when we leave the theater to see if I can remember all 7 coming attractions! I’m getting pretty good at it!

  7. maryz

    I’ve loved JKSimmons for years. Glad to see him get the recognition he deserves. John’s sister and BIL (you met them) see movies the way you do. I did movies the way you did – but much earlier. They were only 10 cents. I went to the movies on my bicycle on the way home from school. My dad picked me up on his way home and put the bike in the trunk to go home. SO many grade B and C movies in those days.

  8. bholles

    It was a great theatre and a great movie. The movie was very intense but so well done.

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