Approaching 6,000

Captain’s Log   5,997

Three more entries and I hit 6,000!  What shall I do?  That’s probably at least 5,000,000 words.  I cannot imagine.  Since most novels are about 100,000 words, I have written the equivalent of 50 or so books.  Should I ever be so prolific as a real writer?  Well, I am a REAL writer if you count plays and stuff.  And lord knows I have written enough grants to qualify for at least a novel or two’s worth of drivel.

I am working late tonight.  Lucky me.  My office manager booked me as a guest speaker for a group of travel agent/tour guide types that are using the museum tonight.  I don’t even start until almost 7:00, so it’s going to be another night of no dinner.  I simply cannot eat food past 7:00 PM anymore.   Must be getting old(er).  Friend Pam is coming over to watch the season opener of Bates Motel.  We had planned to have dinner and then watch the show, but I am afraid I will have to settle for popcorn.  I don’t want to be up all night feeling ill.

I was sitting here in my office waiting for something to happen.  I am tired of working so I decided to goof around on the internet.  BLAM!  A squirrel just flung itself against my window!  I tried for a photo but the damned little flinger had other ideas.  He scared me.  And it was a HE.  I could tell.

Squirrell balls

Do they wobble to and fro……..

So that’s it.  Entertaining myself with the internet and squirrels with large genitals flinging themselves at my window.  It’s been quite a day.


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16 responses to “Approaching 6,000

  1. I think that squirrel has visited my back yard. I have so many squirrels! And you can write a book…if I can…I KNOW you can. Maybe some day when you finally retire?

  2. I better not let my wife see that pic. If the squirrel can cook too, I’m doomed.

  3. susanna

    Are you going to tell them about your own personal travels ? There is another book. You have so much to share, I can’t wait for your book!!

  4. poundheadhere

    Mr. Squirrel follows on the heels of your sex orgy dream featuring prodigious oil on the furniture. How apropos.

  5. Patty O"

    I have seen that photo before. Yup, pretty funny, but squirrels are rodents and all rodents grow prodigious “junk”. When our children were small a friend with two little boys had two white rats names Basil and Ratty. Basil was scary, as his used to drag the ground because his little legs were simply not long enough. It was funny at first but then we felt so sorry for him that it was a relief when he finally died. As for the 50 books. I think that should give you the incentive to write a REAL book. And SOON!

  6. LOL…are you sure you didn’t photoshop that? LOL

    Books. When I got there today, there were even more books. Many had bent and broken pages, broken spines, and coffee spills. Everyone, with no exaggeration here, told me how beautiful your sisters books were. Brand new, they said. I agreed enthusiastically. They’re so nice I shall make a little display of them and their beauty. BTW: I have a receipt here for her. 🙂

  7. annanotbob

    Bwahaha! A squirrel like that turned up in the middle of that baking programme – speechless! xxx

  8. farmgirl

    There has to be some sort of message in all that…..let me think……

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