Baptizing Pagans?

Captain’s Log   5,996

Going geocaching today!  Going geocaching today!  Going to show friends who have never done it before just how much fun it can be!

Here is a map of all the caches in San Diego County.  Just San Diego County.


I don’t think we have any trouble finding one.

Lynn made us a treat for what she calls the “geo baptism.”  When we get back to the house, we will dig into this!

geo baptism feast

Cherry perhaps?  I don’t care!  It looks delicious!

I am taking an extra bottle of water along in case we need to really geo baptize anyone.

Speaking of baptism……I always thought that was cool when I was a kid.  That I had the power to send some directly to heaven.  In case I found a pagan who had been thrown from a car or pulled from a burning building, and that pagan wanted to go to heaven, I could baptize that pagan and send him or her to the gates of eternity with a completely clean soul.  Provided the newly-baptized pagan died right away.  If that baptized pagan recovered and then went on to do sinful things….the deal was off.  Only one free Get Out of Jail Card per pagan.

And if a pagan had a baby, I had the right to name it if I had $5 to give to the “missions.”  Whatever that was supposed to mean.  Where were these “missions?”  I think they were in the bishop’s office.


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10 responses to “Baptizing Pagans?

  1. susanna

    I cannot believe that map…what did you find, what did you find? The pie looks amazing and maybe easy to make? I want the recipe.

  2. poundheadhere

    I doubt most Pagans would object to baptism, though they might ask you to do it after they’re dead – you know, water Mother Earth so living things can spring and grow from death.

  3. farmgirl

    have fun!! what are you doing for your 6000 post coming up in few days?!

  4. Patty O"

    I love every single part of your message today. Laughed out loud. Did you know you can also give last rites if there is no priest present and the person who is dying wants/needs such service? Can you imagine? All that is required is GOOD INTENT! But what if the old saying if right and the “road to Hell is paved with good intentions”? You would inadvertently send some poor soul to a very different place…

  5. bholles

    I loved naming pagan babies.

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