White Gloves, Ho!

Captain’s Log   5,995

You just never know what the days will bring.  Yesterday, I was tasked with getting white gloves on a faceless mannequin.


His fingers are squishy.  We need to fill out the gloves with cotton.  Otherwise, he looks a bit like Flat Stanley.

I rather like the rakish tilt of his hat.  He is an officer, so one can only assume he might be a tad arrogant.  I think it’s important to support stereotypes of faceless mannequins wherever and whenever possible.

I am excited to go geocaching with Jon & Lynn on Saturday.  They are becoming friends in spite of our amazing political differences in many areas.  It just goes to show that it can happen when it’s done with respect.

jon and lynn

Two crazy fools ready to try this with me.  We are going to wear festive headgear.  That is an absolute must!

They are also hugely into Comic Con and Steampunk.  I met them one night at the museum when they were attending a meeting that bored them silly.  So I took them on a backstage tour to alleviate their ennui.  We clicked.


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12 responses to “White Gloves, Ho!

  1. Ah, almost our kind of folks. LOL

  2. Goggles, headgear, and a bottle of rum – for luck, naturally. 😉

  3. Patty O"

    And goggles! Must wear goggles!

  4. susanna

    Firstly, ennui is in my book a “neener” word. Secondly, one of my new great hero’s is a Republican Colner named Lindsay Graham who very articulately said we must rid the planet of all terrorist groups and then gave detailed information of just how invasive they have become in the last four years, in which countries and info on their master plan and ultimate evil intent. As a Democrat, most of the time, I am grateful for his expertise and historically this kind of info has been hard to come by through our pabulum news channels.

    • poolagirl

      Not all Republicans are bad!

      • susanna

        I have never been full out on either side, special issues need special responses and I take them item by item. I just learned that my Medicare, that states they cover chiropractic care probably won’t cover this service this year because of Obama care. I am all for Obama care but was unaware that to get one they had to compromise the other. The old Peter and Paul syndrome.

  5. But, of course, you need hats to complete the “look” for geo-caching and the little flashlights too!

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