Cold White Beaches

Captain’s Log   5,994

It was cold here in southern California yesterday.  Cold enough to hail like mad just north of San Diego.  The beaches looked like this.

hail on beach

My Minnesota pals would have been so surprised!

We were surprised too.  Very.  I had my space heater going at top temperature in my office all day.  And I was wearing layers.  Yes, even in San Diego we layer.  I came home, made a veggie turkey sandwich, and settled in for a few more episodes of Downton Abbey.  Wrapped in a blanket.  My kind of evening.

two grannies

Maggie Smith and Shirley MacLaine as the dueling grannies from opposite sides of the pond.  No banjo music, however.

We Yanks really don’t “get” the whole duke and duchess and earl stuff, but we can still enjoy this very entertaining drama.  Titles really don’t mean squat to us.  And the whole lineage think about being an heir?  I cannot begin to comprehend it.

The park has a sort of dowager figure.  She is very powerful.  She is very proper.  And for some reason I cannot begin to fathom, she really likes me.  We hosted a meeting yesterday and she attended.  She always seeks me out and has something nice to say.


Our duchess

She is giving a lecture in a few weeks about her historical home.  She invited me to attend, so of course I will go.  Life is all about relationships.


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18 responses to “Cold White Beaches

  1. Merle DeNuccio

    Paula, you lead a charmed life! Have fun with the Dutchess.

  2. susanna

    It is so like your charmed life to watch Downton Abbey and then wind up with the Duchess at her historical home having tea and biscuits.

  3. No, No,….Dame Poolie. That’s even better.
    Yes, I knew a couple of the previous grand dames. Such nice ladies they were. And yes, cold tonight too.

  4. Patty O"

    Who IS this paragon of virtue and good judgment? Do we know her?

  5. Joanie Benson

    From now on we shall address you as “Queen Poolie.” Let a bucket be your crown.

  6. We ladies carry steel in our spines, and as we grow older the steel may bow a bit – but never, ever breaks.

  7. Sally Vangorkom

    The very dowager you mention has dubbed you “The Queen of the South Cul du Sac”. Quite a compliment, I would say.

  8. It’s good to be Queen Of Everything or even Princess of Quite~A~Lot.

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