Baggo Countdown

Captain’s Log   5,992

After having my extra room filled up since January 9th, the last of my guests left this morning.  Montana Penny left the house around 4:10 to catch a very early flight home.  I have put the room back together with the sleeper sofa tucked back as a couch.  Sheets and towels are washed.  All is tidy.  Just waiting for another friend to show up.

sad  puppy

That is a hint, people!  I have an empty guest room and would love to spend time with old friends and/or cousins from New Jersey I haven’t seen since we were in elementary school.  I am running around making puppy eyes at myself in the mirror!

One day closer to the Baggo Experience.  Intelligent people know when to gracefully tip their hats and exit with a smile.  You don’t get the nickname “Baggo” if you are smart.  Methinks there will be blood and the impetuous pounding of fists on tables and chests (in the fashion of a great ape).  I have already tasted blood with Baggo, so I am excused from having to endure it a second time.

Febreeze Lady watched Penny leave this morning (furtively peeking through her bedroom curtains).  She then watched me put my trash on the curb after Penny moved her car.  If I ever get that tied up in someone else’s business, I give the person closest to me permission to lock me in my bomb shelter and leave me there forever.

I love Downton Abbey.  Actually, I am hooked.  Hooked, I say!  Maggie Smith as Violet,  the Dowager Countess of Grantham, gives a stunning performance!  She completely takes every scene when she walks through the door.


Having such cool headgear is also a plus.  I want those hats!

I know I would have been one of the serving staff had I lived at Downton Abbey during the turn of the century.  I have no elegance whatsoever, so karma could have placed me with a feather duster instead of a carved walking cane.  But I think I would have been perfectly happy with that.


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20 responses to “Baggo Countdown

  1. Maggie Smith’s next film is coming out this month. I can hardly wait. 🙂

  2. susanna

    So glad to hear I have a comrade watching Downton Abbey. I have been deep into it from the start and totally agree Maggie Smith rules. Maybe you record it and see it whenever. I am in my room ready to relax every Sunday evening!

  3. Poolie, I haven’t watched Downton Abbey yet. I’ll probably watch it in a single glut start to finish, some long weekend. I’ve gotten spoiled by Roku – kind of like binge-watching GoT on the HBO app only you don’t need a subscription to anything

  4. goatbarnwitch

    I haven’t watched Downtown Abby but I understand it is a reworking of the old PBS/BBC series Upstairs Downstairs which I have vague memories of not liking at all.. yeah, that is what I have on that.
    If winter insists on persisting you may find me on your door step out of pure madness at the amount of winter we have had to put up with during the short month of February
    How do you feel about goats?

  5. Penny Tushingham

    Seriously she was up and watching at 4 am. She really needs to get a life!

  6. I always thought I would have been an upstairs Irish maid back in the day. You might have gotten the job as Head Maid Manager…

  7. Patty O"

    I’ll be watching the seismograph at the park and waiting for the quake! Good luck!

  8. bholles

    I wish New Jersey would come and see us.

  9. If someone from New Jersey refuses the offer to spend any time at all in California after the winter we’ve had, you must have killed one of their children. Recently. It was MINUS 12 DEGREES when I went to work the other morning. I’d take you up on an offer to stay a week if you lived in Homs….

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