How Ego Can Work Against Us

Captain’s Log   5,991

It took almost six hours.  But I made my point.  Baggo Hammers has gone too far.  Baggo is getting the sack.

I am so appreciative of the people in my life who have taught me to be a fighter.  My mother was #1.  She never interfered with my childhood battles unless they involved a nun.  With a nun involved,  my mom became a she-bear.  I had friends who taught me to fight.  I learned early on when you take a leadership role, there will be people out there whose sole purpose is to topple you and create failure for you.  We need friends to help us through, and that requires vulnerability and the willingness to say you need help.  I did that yesterday.  I laid open my heart AND set my boundaries.  Boundaries.  There’s that word again.

I get it.  I know that I cannot fight my battles alone, so I have learned to form alliances.  I appreciate the people the universe put in my path to assist me in battle.  Even though they are there to assist, I must still do the work.

The older I get, the less willing I am tolerate abuse in any form.  So I roar.  I make noise.  Eventually, enough people notice.  Enough people hear.  I ask for help.  It gets easier.  It’s scary as hell, but it gets easier.

We often tend to think of the very worst that can happen.  Will I lose this friend?  Will I lose this job?  Will I make a fool of myself?  All of those negative thoughts happen when you give your ego a place of comfort in your emotional living room.  Ego is strong.  Ego is our identity, and nobody wants to lose it.  Nobody wants to compromise it.  So we make bad decisions based on ego.  We play small to protect what we are afraid to lose.

what you allow

Nobody can take advantage of you without your permission.

yes no

We need to stop caring what other people will think.  They are not fighting our battles, so fuck ’em!  What they think of us is none of our business.

teach people

There are no victims, only volunteers.  If you don’t like something, CHANGE it!  Otherwise, learn to accept it and be happy with what you have chosen.  As the old folk song says…..“You gotta walk that lonesome valley.  You gotta walk it by yourself.  Ain’t nobody here can walk it for you.  You gotta walk it by yourself.”  So get moving if you are unhappy.  Every journey begins with the first step.

There are many changes coming about for me in the next 18 months.  That’s all I can say for now.  Moving up and moving on.  It’s all good.  I know there will be battles in my life.  I seem to have that destiny, and I cherish the challenges because each one makes me stronger.  Granted, I don’t want to go out and PICK fights, but when a fight picks me, you can bet my claws are as sharp as my tongue.  No more backing down.  No more.


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32 responses to “How Ego Can Work Against Us

  1. I’m glad at least Baggo is on his/her way to being history. One fewer pains in your ass.

  2. farmgirl

    I so needed to hear this today. You are an inspiration to me. And we all have your back. “Carry on Warrior!”

  3. Dunemagic

    I love your resolve. I find mine still waxes and wanes. But I’m getting better at championing myself.

  4. susanna

    It sounds like you have given Baggo enough chances to redeem himself; It’s time for Baggo to clean out his locker!

  5. goatbarnwitch

    You go and show em how it is done! No fear

  6. Joanie Benson

    Another quotation to go along with Sally’s Shakespeare…. “There are 3 ways that things get done around here…the right way, the wrong way, and the way I do it.” Robert DeNiro, Casino. LOL

  7. Pat

    Thank you for this. Fits into some BS I’m dealing with at work also. The part about being in a leadership role and the people that try to tear you down spoke to me.

  8. Charlotte Bolinger

    Those are great things to remember, always. Thank you.

  9. You is good. You is kind. You is right……

  10. Sally Vangorkom

    “Though she be but little, she is fierce!”

    ― William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

  11. Patty O"

    Damn straight. As we grow older the boundaries become increasingly clear. And increasingly important. So good for you. Give ’em Hell, Harriet!

  12. Ter

    Huzzah! Good for you!

  13. maryz

    My money’s on YOU!

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