Done With Creosote

Captain’s Log   5,989

Montana Penny and I did a lot of things yesterday.  We went to the Embarcadero and watched the Dole banana boat come in.  Filled with bananas and pineapples.  It comes in every day.   The boat that comes to San Diego is from Ecuador.   Every single day.  That’s a lot of bananas!  (This is not the shot I got yesterday.  It was cloudy.)

dole boat


We also went to the new downtown library.  It is beyond amazing!  Nine stories.  Two floors are reserved for a charter high school.  Can you imagine?

Turenr Library

I would have lived here as a child.  I might move in as an adult.

We did a little geocaching.  We ate frozen yogurt.  We went out for dinner with Big Sister Mia and Joanie, Hairdresser Exceptionale.  Lovely night.

We came home and I flipped on the TV to this.

harris p

Good thing Friend Sally explained this was a spoof on Birdman.  All righty then.

The rains came in around 8:30 and pounded us pretty hard off and on through the night.  Excellent for us.

Friend Pam came over on Saturday and we tried to “fix” the too-oily lawn furniture.  After treating with acetone, rubbing with steel wool, scraping with putty knives, treating with more acetone, washing with Dawn, and sanding…..the damn table is still leaching oil.  Enough.  I called my gardener and he is going to just take it away when he comes over this week.  Enough.  I am done.

Big tough week ahead at the museum.

Life will be better without my stinky oily lawn furniture.


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16 responses to “Done With Creosote

  1. poundheadhere

    Good grief. No wonder you had a sex dream, when you day included a boatload of bananas, an overabundance of oil, and tighty whitites.

  2. Week after this you can go shopping for yard furniture. LOL

  3. Look at Doogie Howser! Teehee!

  4. susanna

    And me wanna ask was the banana referencing the boat or the tighty-whities?
    Wow, I must get to that library.

  5. Valerie

    Am I the only one wondering if NPH stuffed a sock down his tightie-whitie?

  6. Too bad about the oily furniture…..hope you find something else you love.

  7. Sally Vangorkom

    “Hey Mr. Talley Man, talley me bananas…”

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