Uncork the Champagne!

Captain’s Log   5,987

Soon.  Celebration soon.  Baggo Hammers is going down.


I am ready.  When I spring for a $10 bottle of champagne (on sale), you KNOW the celebration is big.


I have let my voice be heard.  I have explained the legal ramifications of allowing someone to create a hostile environment for the museum.  Loud and clear.

It is my responsibility to keep my staff safe and protected.  With that compromised, we are stuck in a rut of fear and loathing.

Not sure when I will uncork that Korbel, but it will be a glorious moment.


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18 responses to “Uncork the Champagne!

  1. May Baggo clunk his or her way right off into the sunset, never to return. It’s way past time.

  2. susanna

    Give Baggo the POOLA STARE! Make him fill in the blanks. He will pee his pants.

  3. Patty O"

    YOU GO, GIRL! Pick the day and time and wherever we all may be we will raise a glass in your honor.

  4. Ter

    Enjoy a double for me (no bubbly until at least this fall).

  5. annanotbob

    Living in exciting times! Xx

  6. purplygems

    let me know what time the uncorking is…i will be there

  7. I posted the perfect outfit to go with your celebration on Facebook this morning. I sure hope whatever is going on is gone very soon.

  8. Don’t they sell REAL Champagne in your backwater hamlet? Seems an occasion like this calls for it.

    Congrats either way, though! Give ’em hell, Harriet 🙂

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