Casa de Pirate Ready for Business

Captain’s Log    5,983

The guest room is all set up again and ready for Montana Penny (a.k.a. Pen Pen).  Nothing like a few nicknames to make the day more pleasant.  She arrives next Friday late afternoon.  It’s a business trip for her so we really only see each other over coffee most days, but it’s still lovely to have her stay.  I am hoping my next guest is my cousin Valerie from New Jersey.  Are you reading this, Valerie?  It’s time to make some plans!

I am driving up the coast to San Juan Capistrano on Sunday to meet DeAnn, an old high school pal.  We went to the Netherlands a few years ago and I snapped this photo of her walking among the sand dunes with the cattle that roam free in that area.

 Deann Gets Chased by a Cow

The cattle are cool.  As long as you keep your distance, they don’t gore you with those huge horns.

We are meeting at the trading post near the mission and will hang out in the Old Town area of the village.  It’s really cool.

capistrano area

The Hummingbird House Cafe!  Oh my gosh!  Yes!

capistrano area 2

Some of the original houses.  Many have been turned into art galleries.

I have to meet a TV crew at 5:30 AM on Monday, so Sunday will be short and sweet.  I need to get back and decompress from the weekend and hopefully get some good sleep.

I am meeting my Minnesota pals tonight for dinner.  They insisted on getting a hotel for four nights because they did not want to burden me with 2 guests for 9 days.  That was really considerate and the way people from Minnesota do things. Even though I did not mind at all, they insisted.  They have been off on their own adventures since Wednesday morning after I dropped them off for a rental car.

I think they are going to the zoo today.  They will be fried potatoes when I pick them up at 6:00.   We will go someplace fun and probably call it an early night.

We have a skeleton crew of three at the museum today.  Busy busy for those of us who are working.


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12 responses to “Casa de Pirate Ready for Business

  1. Happy Valentines day dear wonderful Hostess. 🙂

  2. It’s so awesome you’re able to keep up with friends and visit both ways. Enjoy!

  3. Glad you are having some fun with friends……

  4. Patty O"

    I miss the Mexican restaurant that was at the SJC train station for decades. I guess I thought it would be there forever. The last time I was there it was gone and the Italian replacement somehow didn’t seem right, being so near the Mission. Ah well. I’lll be curious to know what is there NOW.

  5. Penny Tushingham

    Yeah, one week to go before my annual trip to visit with Poola. Hope we get to do some geocaching!

    See you soon!
    Pen Pen

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