Poop on the Utility Company

Captain’s Log   5,981

I am getting busy.  House guests are coming in two more days!  YAY!  I cleaned the fridge, loaded in a bunch of sodas, and tossed everything that had turned into a science project.  Turned on the ice maker too.  I will clean the bathroom tonight and make it all sparkly for them.  I have already put the guest room together.

There was a huge power outage in the park yesterday. Click HERE to read all about it.  Our power was on for all of five minutes about 10:00 yesterday morning before it went off again for hours and hours.  It was off for about 30 hours or so in total.  From 9:15 Monday evening until 3:00 AM Wednesday morning.

And yes, the first one was a planned outage.  The only problem…..the utility company forgot to tell us they were shutting off power.  The museum next door had an event in progress with over 500 people when the yahoos cut the service Monday night.  None of us knew.  Had we known, we would have made plans for alarms and security.  We would have told the alarm company to expect an outage.  Stuff like that.  Our utility company is known for its arrogance, so I am sure they will twist this all around and somehow make it our fault that we weren’t informed.  We need to anticipate these things with better accuracy.  After all, they had not screwed up our power for months!  We were overdue for a mess like this.  Everything went down.  Buildings, traffic signals, ATM machines, and the park wi-fi routers.  We couldn’t even mail our stuff because the postage meter is electric.

I sent my staff home around 11:15 yesterday and went home and conducted as much business as I could with my phone and Skype.  What a mess.  I put on my work duds for nothing!

So today is another chance to make some sort of miracle.  I got a miracle yesterday in the mail that made me so very happy!  I bought a piece of original art from Hil the Thrill (see navigation bar on the right).  She is amazing!  Talented, lovely, engaged with her children, and all sorts of other good stuff.  Her art is astonishing.  I am proud to hang Fox & Moth in my home.

fox and moth

Looking very spiffy sharing a wall with some framed hand-made lace

So here I go.  Off to the races!  Then off to the store to get good stuff for my friends to eat.


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8 responses to “Poop on the Utility Company

  1. You are really going to enjoy this visit.

  2. Patty O"

    LOVE “Fox and Moth”. Good purchase! As for the power outage: that is a CITY park. Can’t the City of San Diego formally raise HELL over this? An avalanche of angry complaints should to a goodly amount of damage to the Utility PR. Alas for yet another blown water main for the problems on Zoo Drive, the NAT HIST MUS, Spanish Village, and the OG. A cancelled performance at the latter is no small thing! What a mess. But the power outage without notice is inexcusable.

  3. bholles

    Lets hope this is a better day. Cant wait to meet your friends.

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