Big Wheel in the Sky

Captain’s Log   5,980

I just want to say this.  The observation wheel was the best thing I have done in YEARS!

Not for anyone who has a fear of heights or closed spaces.  Or anyone who has a fear that they might need to pee in 10 minutes.  Worse yet, anyone who has eaten Mexican food in the past two hours.

wheel 5

The wheel in the daylight.  HUGE!

wheel 1

The car behind us as we are approaching the top.  550 feet above the city.  Amazing!  Cars can hold up to 40.  Thankfully, we went on an off-hour and only had 6 passengers.

wheel 2

Really high in the sky!  The windows are dirty because it rained.  It’s hard to clean this thing because it never stops.

wheel 4

My son had his fair share of debauchery.  I didn’t find any wee condoms so I am expecting more baby clowns soon.

wheel 3

I guess I some serious debauchery too.  Yup.  Half a beer and some popcorn while I watched the Super Bowl with 3,000 of my closest friends.

I think it might be time to resurrect the Angela Lansbury Bucket Contest again.  I Think I Look Like Angela Lansbury With a Beer Bucket on Her Head.  Who’s in?


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21 responses to “Big Wheel in the Sky

  1. Joanie B

    I’m out on all counts for the ferris wheel. And I will gracefully bow out of the I look like Angela Lansbury with a beer bucket contest since, as everyone knows, I look exactly like Angela and won the contest last year. I’m still eating the red vines.

  2. poundheadhere

    Beautiful overview of Vegas – love the high-altitude shots!

  3. The big wheel sounds like something I wanna see. So sorry that it took me so long to get here. Had to get new password.

  4. Patty O"

    You’d never get me on that thing. Never. Hot air balloon, yes, giant Ferris wheel…nope. It doesn’t have to be rational.

    • poolagirl

      Hot air balloon? It does not make any sense.

      • Patty O"

        I know. I can’t explain it either. Someday when I can write a whole chapter I will tell you about the MOST EXCITING balloon ride EVER, with a fabulous adventure, an unusual opportunity, and a horrific landing. It was WAY up there on my personal scale of Life Experiences. But I have no idea why that should be the case when I cannot look over the rail on a high bridge or approach a cliff’s edge. I guess it doesn’t have to make sense.

  5. I wasn’t jealous until I saw Heinous’ new fille de joie. How DOES he do it??

  6. At least you were high enough that the serial killers and the zombies couldn’t get to you.

  7. bholles

    That ride was way too fun.

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