Voice to Text From Vegas

This is a voice to text diary entry. I’m not going to change a damn thing I’m just going keep dog. I’m great time here in Las Vegas. When I’m bad we’ll keep on turning.

Naseem on the BU. A lot the good food. Dangers vasa be Brad. And chipotle adobo, Ron.

Thank you very much for this time. Managed to lose a sock in the drawer.


Filed under Captain Poolie's observations

12 responses to “Voice to Text From Vegas

  1. I’ll assume that was supposed to read, “Dangerspouse be damned”.

    Don’t worry – he is.

    Enjoy the rest of your trailer trash time!

  2. pull the drawer out and see if the sock jumped over the edge…or was it Heinous?

  3. susanna

    That was we having fun. I liked sock in keep on turning. Wishing dog best,

  4. Ummmmm. That was very interesting.

  5. joanie

    Ha ha ha ha!! Keep the dog!!!

  6. farmgirl


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