Ramping Up For Vegas

Captain’s Log    5,978

I am serious about setting Judge Judy on Dangerspouse.  He deserves a crabby lady with a lace collar clobbering him for being mean to me.

judge judy

I think there would be a lot of boot quaking if Danger actually had to go before Judge Judy.  I think she would scare the wits out of him.  I don’t think she would care a wit that he can make gourmet apple tarts.

I am really looking forward to going to Las Vegas for a few days.  Anything more than a few days is too much Vegas.  We are dining at the New Brooklyn Bowl at the Linq.  They have pizzas and salads. so I am good to go.


Everything is going retro these days.

We are also planning to ride the big-ass Ferris wheel too.  It takes almost an hour to go one spin on this thing.  Apparently, it’s the tallest wheel in the world (for now).  Kind of excited.


40 people in the each car.  This thing is HUGE!  You can choose a happy hour where you drink non-stop for the entire ride.  I think we will choose the sober option.

I get to spend three days with my nephew!  This is our big event every year.  We eventually head off to the Super Bowl party at the Paris casino on Sunday afternoon.  I don’t go for the game.  I go for the fun and the amazing food.  Plus, they serve Wells Blue Bunny Ice Cream!  Holy momacita!  How cool is that?


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7 responses to “Ramping Up For Vegas

  1. susanna

    I had vertigo on the Ferris wheel from Disneyland! I can’t imagine what would happen on the Vegas Ferris wheel. Maybe a panic attack, I have to go do that, I’m getting bored here.

  2. “I think you need a bigger Ferris wheel!” OMG….does it have slot machines on it too? I can’t imagine people being in there for an hour without a slot machine….

  3. poolagirl

    I’m not crabby. Just mean. Will think of you when I am having a blast!

  4. “He deserves a crabby lady with a lace collar clobbering him.” Y’know, minus the lace collar, you pretty much fulfill those duties. And “pointing out the obvious” is not “being mean”.

    But….have a great (and really – sober?) time!! Don’t go to that Brooklyn-themed restaurant though if you’re looking for a taste of Brooklyn. It’s waaaaay too clean for that, and I don’t see any hipsters. Sad, really….


  5. Patty O"

    Happy Hour for me. I could not ride that thing sober!

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