Sodee Sale

Captain’s Log   5,977

I am the coupon wizard.  I don’t care what Dangerspouse thinks.  He’s just jealous.  He’s sitting out there in a snowbank trying to deny me some simple glory about saving a ton of money on soda.

Some people have nothing better to do.  I swear.  HE is a gourmet cook who makes things that require 3-4 pans and 15 hours of prep time.  Big deal.  I can toast a bagel in 3-4 minutes and smother it with cream cheese.  Then, I can read magazines and watch Judge Judy.  Bet he can’t say that.


I spent about $6 for all of this.  So HUZZAH for that!

And now I am thinking about going home.  I have been working non-stop since I got here at 8:15 this morning.  So if I leave at 4:00 or so, I am a darling.


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22 responses to “Sodee Sale

  1. Patty O"

    I am SO relieved to learn that all that soda is not for your own consumption!

  2. Joanie B

    Judge RUDEee. But I love her.

  3. susanna

    One of my roommates went on Judge Judy. She loaned money to a laggard. Judge Judy did not believe her story; said there was more to it than a simple loan and gave her a scathing lecture but she did get her money back. I would rather cut my losses than stand before Judgement Day Judy.

  4. GREAT JOB SAVING ALL THAT MONEY!!! You can put it towards all the insulin you’re gonna need in a few years.

    And who cares if I dirty 3 or 4 pans per meal? That’s what wives are for. NOW who’s jealous, huh?


  5. Sally Vangorkom

    I have the hiccups just from looking at that much soda!

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