Simply Bedazzled

Captain’s Log   5,977

I shopped at CVS when I had my cold last month.  I bought all generic products, and the company rewarded me with extra bucks to spend any way I choose.  It was major coolness.  Stopped last night and bought soda for my next round of guests.  Three 12-packs cost me a dollar (plus redemption and tax).  Even so, it was on sale and I consider it a bargain.  Sprite, Sunkist Orange, and A&W Root Beer!

extra bucks 10

Yay!  I have $7.50 more to spend because I have three more of these extra bucks things for different values.

I might buy some Chex Mix.  The possibilities are endless!

It takes so little to amaze and amuse me.  I am bedazzled by nothing most of the time.


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20 responses to “Simply Bedazzled

  1. susanna

    Lemon Alfredo Sauce…that sounds fabulous. I’d buy the jar of sauce and just add the lemon…it would taste so gourmet.
    I had a can of chicken noodle soup, no real nutrition so I added a ton of shredded carrots and it felt very gourmet. Easy breezy.

  2. Patty O"

    I make lemonade, too…bit mine has vodka in it.

  3. You are too cute. Chex indeed.

  4. I have to confess that yesterday I bought a bag of muddy Chex mix in the snickerdoodle flavor and one in the peppermint flavor…oh mmmm gggg! It’s good even thought it is not on my diet plan but I keep thinking of all the fiber I am eating! I think you got a great bargain at CVS….

  5. I’m smart enough that I wouldn’t put soda OR Chex Mix in my body.


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