Winter Citrus

Captain’s Log   5,976

It’s citrus time!  It’s citrus time!


Oh my gosh!  Tangelos, oranges, and sweet limes (look like lemons).  Friend Pam came over last night with a bag bursting with this goodness.  Yay!  I have one lone lemon tree.  Thinking about planting a navel orange in the front yard.  I need to ask the gardener if that is a good idea or not.

People always ask me what I do to get such huge crops of lemons every year.  The answer is simple.  Absolutely nothing.  The tree is on drip irrigation so it gets a 5-minute drink every three days.  That’s it.  No fertilizer, no pesticides, no nothing.  My lemons are 100% organic.  I do love my tree.


The former owners of this property used to use these as fetch toys for the dogs.  The lady told me she never used the fruit as food because there are just so many.  Can you believe that????

I am still enchanted with San Diego in so many ways.  It’s mind boggling sometimes to think of the paradise-like weather and how easy it is to live here.  You just get dressed and you go.  It took me a few years to release the idea that I didn’t need to carry kitty litter and soup mix in my trunk.  There is no need for winter survival gear here.

I was in Portland, Maine in October.  It was gorgeous and lovely and I felt the tug to live in such a place with all that charm and sweetness.  And then I remembered winter.  How does one ever forget winter?

portland blizzard

This is Portland during a blizzard last year.  No thanks.  Not anymore.  The reality of this is just too much me for to take.  I am a southern California wimp now.  

saint paul 2

How many times did I dig myself out of a mess like this when I lived in Saint Paul?  Way too many.

car park

Or where to put your damn car when all the snow emergency routes were still blocked.  I wish I had a dollar for every time I was part of this scenario.

So I am here very grateful that “winter” in San Diego means you wear your slippers inside the house.  I’ll take it.  My tough days are over.  I built enough character in those Iowa/Minnesota winters to last more than a lifetime.


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37 responses to “Winter Citrus

  1. susanna

    Oh yes this is paradise. My sister lives in Penn. I hear a big one is headed her way. Yea San Diego!

  2. The only reason I stay is because of my family….

  3. Ter

    My brain insists that says “circus” 🙂

    Depending on which station I watch, we’ll get anywhere from a few inches to a couple feet. Regardless, I’m pining for warmer weather. I can handle winter, even storms, if the temp would just stay above 25!! These teens and below temps are nuts.

  4. Patty O"

    Both of my parents were originally from New England. When he came west as a young man he swore he would never shovel snow again. Over the years as SOCAL traffic got worse he would occasionally threaten to move to Idaho (fishing’s good there). My mother would quietly say, “Snows there, you know…”: and the subject was closed.

  5. Sally Vangorkom

    My mind can simply not embrace the concept of not eating or loving lemons. Especially Meyer Lemons. They are one of Nature’s true masterpieces.

  6. I looked at my windows because it seemed so bright…until I realized all I was seeing was white. So I went right up to the windows and looked out, where I saw that the blizzard that was supposed to start mid-afternoon was here already, snowing sidewise at high speed. I won’t feel satisfied until I know that everyone is home, warm and dry. (Oh, yeah, they did mention something about some “minor” coastal flooding. Boy, am I glad I am out of that house and I needn’t stick my head outdoors until the snow is gone.)

  7. bholles

    I dont miss those winters.

  8. Joanie B

    I can’t imagine dealing with that every winter. Sure, it’s pretty, but the inconveniences must be overwhelming. I can’t help but wonder why so many people stay and put up with that.
    That fruit is a thing of beauty!

  9. Boy do I agree with you. Even if it sprinkles today, life is good here.

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