Funny Friends

Captain’s Log   5,975

I dedicate this journal entry to my good pal, Joanie.


It’s good to have friends.  I am so lucky to have maintained friendships with people near and far over the years.  Some online friends have become real 3D friends too, and that is wonderful.  It’s a big world out there with lots of opportunities.

I took Anneke to the airport about 8:15 this morning.  She has an extremely long day (and night) ahead of here.  12 flying hours plus a lay-over in Los Angeles.  But that’s what you do when you want to stay connected with friends.  You go the distance.  She is moving to a new house in a new city in a few weeks, so she will be busy.  She and her hub unit, Bert, are going to attempt to put an IKEA cabinet together.  She said if they can survive that, their marriage will last forever.  How true, eh?

My next house guests are coming from Minnesota.  I met Merle about 1980 (give or take).  She had just moved to the Twin Cities with her husband and her young son.  The young son and I hit it off immediately at a picnic gathering, and I spent almost four hours with him hanging from my neck. Good thing he was only about four years old.  A kid twelve or so would have been hard on my neck.   Her husband was and still is a professor of history, I think.  Anyway, they moved for his job, and that was my introduction to the family. I saw them almost every weekend at some event or another.  We were all political animals back then.

Merle’s marriage ended.  The husband moved away and she stayed in the Twin Cities to raise her son.  Things changed over the years, and Merle now has a wife.  I have not met Pat, but she seems like a truly lovely lady with a wicked sense of humor (as evidenced by Facebook).

I am very excited to reconnect with Merle whom I have not seen since 1991 when I moved to San Diego.  We have lots of friends in common from the old days, and it will be fun to hear about their lives.  Neither Merle or Pat have ever been to San Diego, so that will be extra fun for me.   For sure we will have dinner in Old Town one night.  YAY!

la pin

La Pinata is my very favorite place!  Except when I stand up and knock the pinatas off the ceiling with my extra-large head.  

We will go to the ocean and to Coronado.  So many things to see and do.  There are coming in on a Friday afternoon and staying with me until Wednesday morning.  Huge fun.  They like coffee.  I hope they like Cards Against Humanity.  It’s so vulgar.  If they DO, I want to hustle up a game with a few folks.  Putting that out there as a possibility.


Low class and tasteless humor.  I’m there!

So we shall see what transpires.  I have to go to Vegas first for the big Super Bowl party.  I know, it’s rough.  But somebody’s gotta do it.


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15 responses to “Funny Friends

  1. Joanie B

    Wow! thanks for the dedication today. I’m very flattered. Yes, that would be me on the barre. Or was it on the BAR?…

  2. poundheadhere

    You guys are going to have so much fun! And I swear I need that card game, lol.

  3. Patty O"

    I would go to that restaurant just for the atmosphere~

  4. goatbarnwitch

    exciting times with so many wonderful folks coming into your personal space – enjoy!

  5. susanna

    I have a roommate, that reminds me of you. She is going to forego any schooling past graduating from Grossmont College in May, move back and work in her parents hotel in Australia for 6 months and then hit the Curse Ships to work and travel. She has tons of friends all over and is off to Vegas, San Francisco and New York visiting them during the smallest of breaks in school. Life is a party. She has your personality, smart, funny and top dog as in leadership.

  6. You always have so much fun….that’s a real gift….

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