Hence and a Cat With a Nasty Face

Captain’s Log   5,974

I didn’t see the big speech last night.  I was off eating dinner with my pals Anneke and Pam at a lovely vegetarian restaurant run by a cult.  I think our waiter was either stoned or maybe he had a lobotomy.  Seriously!  Since this group frowns on drugs, sex, or anything mind-altering other than meditation, I am voting for the lobotomy.  He moved like he was swimming through molasses.  He had the energy of a snail.  But he got the order right so all was well.  But wow.  He reminded me of the guy in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off who keeps asking for Bueller.  Bueller.  Bueller.  My goodness.

I did see photos and clips of the speech.  Interesting how John Boehner never smiles.  For someone who lives in a tanning booth, you would think he would be happier.


Oh gosh, it’s Grumpy Cat!

It’s back to the job today.  Being out for two days was certainly lovely.  Monday was wonderful.  Only one business call.  Tuesday was not so good.  I think I had eight calls and 4-5 text messages.  It’s always like that and I know that’s just the way it is.  It was nice when I was in Amsterdam because the only way to contact me was through email.  Hence, I wasn’t bothered.

I said “hence.”  I cannot believe that.

Anneke’s visit is winding down.  Just three more days.  It all went by so quickly.


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15 responses to “Hence and a Cat With a Nasty Face

  1. I watched the speech on youtube. That guy was indeed frowny. He’s probably real fun at parties.

  2. susanna

    Oh yes, all the progressive ideas espoused by Obama will be of no avail when grumpy cat and his cohorts crap all over them. A real life House of Cards!

  3. Joanie B

    For some reason the fun days always go by too fast. HENCE, we always want more of them. I hope your bundt cakes were still in a state of high humidity when you ate them on your trip. (Trying to avoid the word moist… oh, sorry, there’s that MOIST word again).

  4. I didn’t watch the speech last night either because I knew it would be rehashed today and all the “hidden meanings” would be discussed to death. I just wish the politicians would start working for us…the citizens who have to pay for all their mistakes.

  5. The cat is a real improvement. John Boehner sat there the whole time, as if he was planning to scuttle every good idea the President brought up. After eight years with a jack— in the White House, President Obama is like a breath of fresh air.

    Now, if he’s not deterred by all the scrooges who won’t give up a penny of their ill-gained treasure…

  6. Patty O"

    I love fun words, too! Hence. Wherewithal. Portentous. Fiduciary. Ambivalent. Sartorial. Octogenarian. Nice chewy words. I think I know where you went for dinner…or at least I hope the one I am thinking about is the right one. You DO have your adventures!

  7. farmgirl

    Awwwhhh…it did go by fast!! Makes the last few days all that more precious. Give her a hug from me! And I use the word “hence” all the time!! What a fun word! I love fun words….

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