Fun Talking About Phantom Diners

Captain’s Log   5,973

Sometimes, things are just funny.  That’s the way it is.

Joni Mitchell

I always thought it was a stupid song.

We are almost packed and gussied up and ready to go.  I packed a cooler with cheese, crackers, fruit, cutlery, whiskey (our little tradition), and two little Bundt cakes Joanie gave me yesterday as an early birthday present.  We are set!

Two chocolate bundt cakes that look something like this.


We are not taking any prisoners!  It will be a chocolate feast!

I have two work stops along the way and then we are FREE!  FREE!  FREE!


I know I am looking forward to this.  I have rope burns.  And not just on my wrists.

We had a nice dinner last night with Joanie.  We went to Swami’s in La Mesa after my hair appointment.  We weren’t planning to have dinner with Joanie and she was just going to go home, but it all worked out and we had some great laughs.  The best story was about the guy who was eating dinner with an imaginary companion at a Hometown Buffet.  He had two plates, two glasses, etc.  Full-on conversation going with himself.


Funky and fun with lots of vegetarian options.   No phantom diners.

Gotta finish packing my stuff.


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15 responses to “Fun Talking About Phantom Diners

  1. susanna

    Sounds like fun! Roll on.

  2. Will you be home for the grand opening this week? Hope you weren’t part of the shooting either. Have a great chocolate.

  3. Joanie B

    Have a great time! I’m sure you’ll have some good stories on your return! Wonderful dinner and company last night at Swami’s. Thanks for asking me to join you. Much better than going home and eating Special K, since Dave wasn’t home to cook! LOL

  4. Your magnetic and quirky personality has drawn those people to you once again! Those bundt cakes used to be the best souvenir when we were on a cruise.

  5. Penny Tushingham

    Have a blast!

  6. bholles

    I remember that guy at the buffet. He was right behind us. We even changed seats so we could take turns looking at him.

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