The Trouble With Angels

Captain’s Log   5,968

The cold has migrated to my lungs and my ears.  I still consider that progress.

Anneke arrives on Friday!  YAY!  I have some work to do on Saturday after she arrives, but then I am taking some time off.  Go me!

anneke and poolie on the farm

Who knows what trouble we will find?


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18 responses to “The Trouble With Angels

  1. Patty O"

    Have a wonderful time. You have earned it! Lots of pictures, please.

  2. poundheadhere

    Merry troublemaking! I hope the cold’s well and truly gone by the weekend and the weather is glorious 🙂

  3. susanna

    Wishing you trouble and more trouble!

  4. goatbarnwitch

    heal quickly so you can make even more trouble 😉

  5. Just what you need to renew your creative spirit. Wonderful news and I hope you two have a lot of fun together.

  6. Anneke Borst


  7. maryz

    Lots and lots of trouble, I hope.

  8. farmgirl

    Roh roh…look out San Diego!!! Get better soon!!!!!!

  9. May you find all the right kind of trouble — the stuff that’s fun for you and annoying to people you don’t like 😎

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