Better Video of the Band

Captain’s Log   5,967

Here is a much better video of the band.

It’s been going very, very well.  But I am very, very ready for this to be over.  It’s free kid day at the show, so the crowds will be huge.

All righty then.  Off I go to find more mischief.


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14 responses to “Better Video of the Band

  1. susanna

    How clever, I just noticed the instruments are made from car parts and they are dressed like mechanics. Fabulous! I didn’t know you were to be at the auto show for it’s entire stay but it does make sense that the head of the auto museum would be in attendance. You are a Grand Pooba representing our city at this show. You must know some (III) interesting insider information.

  2. …and pinstriping today too. I’m off to find turtlenecks.

  3. maryz

    Amazing! and Wonderful!

  4. Patty O'

    Love the auto mechanic outfits, too!

  5. I really like the “tone” of the metal instruments. I’m sure it will be a big hit with the kids today! Hope you got some good coverage from the TV stations and/or newpaper!

  6. bholles

    That was great.

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