No Nutcrackers

Captain’s Log   5,960

This was the best spam caught in my filter today.

I am saving you for deer antlers.

That is one of the most random things I have ever read.  I love it!

I am enjoying Channukah.  I come home, light the candles, and just sit in the stillness until they are all gone.  Last night, one of the candles had a mind of its own.

bad candle

Decided to not cooperate with the moment.  It made quite a mess.

Another holiday tradition for many is going to see the Nutcracker.  I absolutely ABHOR that piece and avoid it at all costs.  I have the right to abhor it.  I’ve seen it enough times to merit abhorring.  Abhorrence.  Whatever.

So if I should ever take Big Sister Mia to see that awful thing ever again, I would make sure this happens.


I would embarrass her beyond belief.  Like she does to me.  Right, Mia?

It’s Freak Tuesday at the museum.  With the kids off from school, visitors in town for the holidays, the stupid football bowl games going on with their fans from all over the place, AND the fact that it’s two days before Christmas  = challenging nightmare times.  I wouldn’t mind it if we could make a little money.  But it costs us a LOT to be open for free.  Guess I need to gird my loins.



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18 responses to “No Nutcrackers

  1. Susanna

    Our family saw the Nutcracker when our children were young. We gave it a try thinking we would be exposing them to the finer arts and make cultured citizens of them. They said, never again and we both gave a sigh of relief. It’s just too long. I like the little part where all the dolls dance one after the other but the longer pieces were a real ho-hum for all of us.

  2. Joanie

    There you go, girding your loins again.

  3. poundheadhere

    I love Tchaikovsky music, including The Nutcracker. Can take or leave the dancing part.

  4. :PattyO"

    I attended an Easter Seals benefit performance of “NUTCRACKER” once when the board/family/friends were all in the first few rows. That is close enough to see the heavy makeup, repaired stockings, and SWEAT. During “Waltz of the Flowers” there was a flare of giggles coming from the dancing flowers. At the reception afterward one of the board members asked one of the flowers what had happened. With a straight face she replied, “The orange flower farted”. LOVED her candor and think of it every time I hear the music. The Snow Queen gave the toe shoes she had danced in to the young poster child. I’m still not sure if that was a wonderful thing to do or not appropriate for a child who would never be able to dance. The little girl was thrilled, so I’ll go with the former, I guess.

  5. I tend to consider the Nutcracker a lot like amusement parks — fun for the kids.

  6. Remember that Santa Claus is watching…or is that Captain Jack Sparrow?

  7. Ooo! I’m making girded loin for Christmas! Mmmmmmmmmm…..

  8. bholles

    You will have a busy day.

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