Don’t Blow Up Our Keurig!

Captain’s Log   5,959

Is it possible that I am actually finished with the shopping and the wrapping?  I am waiting for one more gift that someone has graciously offered to pick up for me.  Slip it into a Christmas card, and I am FINISHED!

We have our Christmas volunteer dinner tonight.  The RSVP’s kept coming as late at 4:30 yesterday.  We know this happens, so we upped the catering count on Wednesday by ten.  We have 90 people on the list now.  WOW!  When I first started working at the museum, MAYBE forty people showed up.  I think they like this party now!

I started a tradition at this party about three years ago by issuing paper plate awards to all the volunteers.  I think of something personal about every individual and write it on the plate.  It’s cheap, it’s fun, and the guys LOVE their paper plates!  I first learned about this when I worked at the theatre back in 1994.  I have become a firm believer in the power of positive thoughts, so I continue the practice.  Every time I do anything, I get the plates and the markers and go to town.

Some of them are sweet and others are kind of roasty.  It all depends on the person, anything unusual that has happened during the year,  and how well they take a joke.  No sense of humor…….I will not blast you.

paper plate awards

Example of paper plate awards.  These have ended up tacked to the walls of many man caves.  Others are flipped over and used for microwave nachos.

We are also going to play Steal a Gift.  It’s fun and silly they all seem to have a good time.  The only problem happens when someone who has not brought a gift decides to play.  When that happens, we run out of gifts.  It happened in the past, so I am always prepared to take my gift and return it to the game.  I wish people would play fair.

Q3 Paper/ Dept 8: WINE BAG KRAFT ANIMALIA ELEPHANTS 459214 Animalia

This should go over.  One year, I brought an assortment of hot chocolate mixes from Coffee, Bean & Tea.  They were a bust.  I ended up stealing them back and taking them home for my own enjoyment.

We are also drafting our Keurig machine into service.  Last time we used it for something other than just the coffee room, one of the docents tried to use it for the first time.  Instead of listening to the instructions from a staff member, he opened the top of the hot chocolate cup thing and stuck it into the machine.  It literally spewed chocolate everywhere.  I mean EVERYWHERE!

keurig fail

Imagine something like this only with chocolate.  With a greater radius of spewing-ness.

That docent is banned from using the machine.  Seriously.  At least for tonight.


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18 responses to “Don’t Blow Up Our Keurig!

  1. I love the idea of paper plate awards! I might steal that!

  2. I hope the dinner went well! The paper plate awards are a wonderful idea 😀

  3. It WAS lots of fun dear Poolie. I wanted to say thank you too. We love our very pretty soaps almost as much as we appreciate you. Hugs.

  4. poolagirl

    This person also puts leftovers down his pants. Well, into deep pockets that reach down his pants.

  5. Maybe a couple of extra girls would be good to take and you can take them home if they are not used. Enjoy the party…sounds like fun.

  6. Almost as much fun as forgetting to put a cup underneath. Back in the days of Horn & Hardart automats, that was almost a daily occurrence. Imagine wasting a dime that way!

  7. Patty O'

    BWA HAHAAAAA! The Keurig. Oh dear…and, OF COURSE, it was a HE person! Gotta go wipe my eyes…

  8. bholles

    Have a fun time. Maybe your sneaky person will bring a gift this time.

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