Re-Thinking a Decision

Captain’s Log   5,958

I believe in First Amendment rights.  Oh, yes I do.  I also know that making a funny movie about the killing of the president of North Korea might be a really bad idea.  Considering the delicate nature of our relationship with that country, I really cannot believe Sony thought it was a good plan.  Might as well make a comic movie about the killing of Putin.  It would go over just about as well.

We used to call that…….Going over as well as a fart in a spacesuit.

There are times when discretion needs to rule.  Trust me, I don’t condone the threats of terrorism, but I fully understand why it happened when you consider the source.  Just as I have the right to stand in a vat of gasoline with a lit match, so do I have the right to make a politically questionable film.  I have the right.  It just might not be the best thing to do.

There is nothing wrong with discretion.  It’s far more powerful that blatant confrontation.  We think about this stuff all the time at the museum.  When we had our Volkswagen exhibit, we worked really hard to tell the history in such a way that we were not lauding Hitler in any way.   When we had our Datsun/Nissan exhibit, there were people who refused to come into our museum because we were promoting “Jap cars.”  NASCAR has its roots in Prohibition and rum running.  All of those things are part of the history that sews the fabric of culture, and we must be sensitive to all of it – even in a car museum.  Case in point, we were called “filthy Socialists” when we displayed a psychedelic VW bus.  We manage to push buttons when we aren’t even trying.

So imagine what it’s like when you ARE trying.  I have not seen Sony’s film.  Bearing in mind what has transpired, I probably never will.  I do, however, want to state that I think any film that pokes fun at the assassination of a world leader is tasteless and inappropriate.  I don’t care how funny it is.

Sony, whatever were you thinking?


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13 responses to “Re-Thinking a Decision

  1. Well, one thing about the whole brouhaha is that Sony’s president on Fareed Zakaria’s show said the FBI has been “spectacular.” That’s something.

  2. Susanna

    At last I am in the company of like minds. My first thought was freedom and responsibility go hand in hand. We have the freedom but these dumb ass producers, writers and actors seem to care less about the fact that we are a global community and what they produce has consequences. I am glad this controversy has erupted. Maybe other dumb ass producers will think twice. There are a lot of creative choices other than “a comedy about the assassination a living leader of another country.”

  3. poundheadhere

    I don’t normally agree with bowing to terrorism, but in this case we started it. We were holding that lit match mighty close to the vat of gasoline and we were lucky all we got (so far) was a flash fire that singed some eyebrows.

  4. I expect the film was made because the dummying down of Americans means they will go see most anything depending on the actors in the film. And the actors probably thought why not make a few million for a stupid movie. The ratings on the other Christmas released films should be higher unless they are like this one. I wasn’t going to see it anyway.

  5. Obviously, they weren’t thinking. When you get into “iffy” language and behavior (as I did a couple of days ago), you consider your target audience. Furthermore, you give them the right to ignore you, which they don’t have if you’ve charged them for it.

  6. Ter

    Right on! I also have to wonder what the actors were thinking in signing on to this project. It doesn’t color my opinion of them (I’m actually rather neutral on Seth Rogen and James Franco) but I’d love to know what motivated them to think participating in this movie was okay. I try to see the humor in most situations. I firmly believe if we’re wound too tight life is simply not worth the journey. But there’s something to be said for discretion too. I applaud the movie theatres for taking a stand.

  7. Patty O'

    I fully agree. “Look before you leap” comes to mind. And “Engage brain before putting mouth in gear”. Or simply THINK. We certainly have enough politicians who should try that every single day before speaking a word!

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