Working on the Miracles

Captain’s Log   5,956

I had a great time with my Big Sister yesterday.  We avoided the stadium (both live near the stupid thing) and managed to get done what we wanted to get done.  If we time it just right, I drop her off just as the game hits half-time.  There is never a traffic problem.

Most of the holiday shopping is done.  I made a goof on Saturday and need to return something.  Other than that, it’s all good.   Still waiting for one thing to arrive.  I know to send all packages to the museum during this time of year.  Last year, they made a lot of delivery mistakes and things had to be re-sent.  I hate that.  I assumed someone stole my package, but it ended up tossed over my fence a few weeks later.  I think it went to the wrong house.  Why someone waited that long to bring it to me is beyond explanation.

I am facing the busiest time of the year at the museum right now.  We are already busy as a tourist destination, but the football bowl games infuse the city with even more people.  And I think they all come to the park.  They are everywhere!

So it’s time to buckle down and work on the miracles.


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12 responses to “Working on the Miracles

  1. poundheadhere

    Just a while longer and you’ll be free of any responsibility to the museum. It won’t negate the game-time insanity but at least you can time things without worry about work schedules.

  2. I understand. I had to get to the Post Office yesterday and I waited until 9:30 to avoid the business pickups…Had to circle the small parking lot 3x to finally get a parking space. When I got inside, there were only 2 customers ahead of me and one of them remarked on where were all the customers who took up the parking spaces. Then a rush of people came in, the PO opened up all four service areas and I got out of there very quickly.

  3. Susanna

    You had me at root beer floats! Glad to hear you are having fun and I think a root beer float is in my holiday future.

  4. Patty O'

    SO glad you figured out that traffic mess around the stadium. I used to work at the office building right across the bridge to the east and it was HELL getting out of there to go home on Baseball game afternoons. Wouldn’t repeat those days for anything, as I had 3 children – unsupervised – waiting for mother to get home… Awful.

  5. …and I know you are the person to do them. 🙂

  6. bholles

    Yesterday was fun.

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