Loving the Libraries

Captain’s Log    5,950

I was thinking about libraries and what wonderful places they are.  I grew up in the library when I was a kid.  When we had modular scheduling in high school, I took all of my free “modules” in the library.  Being surrounded by books is one of the greatest pleasures for me.  Yes, I have a Kindle which I also enjoy greatly.  As long as I can read.  I don’t care where I read.  I always have a book in the car…….just in case.


This is the Hill Reference Library in downtown Saint Paul.  I spent many hours there just doing my thing.  All marble.  All magnificent.  All free and open to the public.  

Turenr Library

This is the new library in downtown San Diego.  It’s also magnificent.  The 6th and 7th floors are used as a charter high school.  Can you imagine going to high school in a library?  The downside to this one is the location.  It’s in the heart of a terrible neighborhood marginalized by crime and drug users.  I still enjoy going and take advantage of free underground parking that is monitored by security.  This library also has a gift shop!  Big Sister Mia and I are going on a field trip here soon.

library shoppe

For the book lover in your life.  And you also support the library system.

Before I moved to the house I have now, I lived in a really old neighborhood that is home to the smallest library in the San Diego system.  I loved it there too.  I could walk from my house.  I would often stop at the library and then enjoy a latte at the coffee shop across the street.


Tiny but mighty.  It also has a nice playground for the kids.  It was nice to see the local kids go to the library after school instead of sitting home to play games on their computers.

When I was a kid, I could read anywhere.  On the steps, in bed, behind the sofa.  Anywhere but the back seat of a moving car.  I still can’t read in a moving car.  But I still read anywhere.  Sitting on a retaining wall, on a bench, definitely on planes.  


I thank my mother for this.  She always encouraged me to read and had qualms with what I chose.  One day, the town librarian was upset that I wanted to check out a copy of Pearl Buck’s The Good Earth.  I think I was maybe 12 years old.  She called my mom to tattle on me.  My mother told her to please check out the book in MY name.  

It helps growing up to be a reader when you have a hero like my mom in your pocket.


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18 responses to “Loving the Libraries

  1. Thanks in large part to my mother, I love reading. Love books, love my Kindle.
    Life has me too busy to read. I have only picked up one book this year.
    However, I discovered audio books about three years ago. They’re inexpensive. Our library had a few, but not the ones I wanted, so I’d buy them and listen, and then donate them to the library. (They didn’t have “Huckleberry Finn” or “Water for Elephants,” but they do now.)
    Right now, I’m listening to “The Museum of Extraordinary Things,” about which my mom had journaled, and which sounded really good. I do also have “The Good Earth” in our library (the one in our home, where we keep our books and stuff) for future use.
    A Smart Phone with audible.com is on my shopping list, too!

  2. jane

    Have you heard about Little Free Libraries? There is one near me that is also a geocache. http://coord.info/GC5CHHR Fun idea. There are lots around.

  3. poundheadhere

    Libraries are my Nirvana and my trap. I could end up a skeleton in the corner, a book clamped between my bony fingers, because I’d never want to leave

  4. I was fortunate enough to work in a high school library for 13 years – truly a dream job!

  5. I love libraries too…and I also coveted my first library card. How proud I was to print my name and then receive my very own card. My current card is always in my wallet…just in case I need it. My childhood library was in an old mansion with the third floor filled with window seats and huge floor -to- ceiling windows which was the Children’s department. I loved it there. Loved the little pencils with the date stamp hooked on the back, loved the library cards, card catalog….
    My biggest horror is the idea that some day books may not be published in print….I have my Kindle but I still loving looking at the cover and reading the description and holding the books in my hands.

    • poolagirl

      I do too but Kindle is great for traveling. And…Kindle is an excellent way for writers like yourself to sell a ton of books.

  6. Ter

    San Diego Public Library now added to my bucket list! I love being surrounded by books. Even kiddo loves it!

  7. Patty O'

    Yes! My childhood’s favorite possession was my library card. I was also blessed with parents who encouraged me to read. My father was big on expanding vocabulary and always introduced me to a new word by saying: “Go look it up!” My mother was a bit startled with how voraciously I went about reading, but never stopped encouraging me. Now my entire living room IS a library!

  8. When I was seven, they redistricted our schools; I was transferred to an older school building (how the neighborhood parents complained!) that had something I didn’t know existed: a library. A collection of books from which I was allowed to borrow and read whatever I wanted.

    Two years later, I began volunteering in that same library, eventually spending a whole morning there every week. It appealed to my sense of order. As it happened, this little school library was a branch of the city library. In high school, I accepted a paying job there, with some of the same ladies who had trained me. You know the rest: that job put me through college.

    Someone very famous was sent to his school library, just to get him out of the classroom. It appealed to his sense of order too. That was Bill Gates. 😎

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