So Where is This Big Storm?

Captain’s Log   5,949

I’m waiting for the big storm!  I’m WAAAAAAIIIIITTTTTTIIIINGGGGG!

I sat in my office all day wearing a yellow rain slicker – feeling like a ninny.

balboa rain

I thought the park would like like this by now.  Alas.  The sidewalks are barely wet.

So whatever.  I guess I will go home and sit on the couch and wait for the rain to start pounding on the skylights.  No need to keep wearing my slicker once I get home.  At least I HOPE not.

I ate breakfast AND lunch today.  That is rare.  I cannot even remember the last time I ate three meals in a day.  I really cannot handle that much food in 24 hours.  Not anymore.  Getting older has certainly made my grocery bills smaller.  I guess that’s a good thing.  I don’t wash my hair every day anymore either.  All these cost-effective tricks that still let you go out into the world looking like you know what you are doing and still smelling good.

Getting by on less food also makes me more desirable as a companion for that famous desert island we are all going to.  In addition to a Swiss army knife and complete works of Shakespeare, I really hope most people would pick me.  I don’t have to eat all the time and I can tie excellent knots.  I also know a lot of stories that would keep us content by the fires we light at night to keep the predators away.  I see all of that as extremely valuable.

So I think I will go home and get into slippers and jammies and settle in for a comfortable night with this book.

1963 king

Really interesting concept.  I knew from the second page that I was reading the work of a master.

So think about the desert island.  I can send a resume if that will help you with your decision.  No, let me include it here.

Education:  Briar Cliff University – 1973 – magna cum laude – English, secondary education, and theology (SHUT UP about the theology stuff – I considered it philosophy)

Experience:  Geocaching, working on a tall ship, making paper crowns with large groups of children, blogging

Likes:  Directing theatre, singing in small groups, making hummingbird nectar, doing laundry, road tripping

Skills:  Convincing people to do ridiculous things (like wearing buckets on their heads and pretending to be Angela Lansbury)


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25 responses to “So Where is This Big Storm?

  1. 11/22/63 – recommended to me by a co-worker. I found it on audio and listened in the car in utter awe. Loved it and I hope you do, too.

  2. I’m so glad the storm missed you! (I have our Hurricane Sandy photos on my Facebook page should you ever want to see what you’re missing. OR you can look for the Hurricane Irene pictures… not as much water, but enough to submerge L’Empress’s car…)
    You never know from whence a companion will fall… Andee was in my eighth grade physical science class. He set his desk on fire…on purpose… he made an impression.

  3. Personally, II like the soap stuff. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner here but usually vastly reduced portions. Lots of rain and wet customers at the Discovery shop but little rain here. Because I am rolling the bed over to the door, you know it’s going to rain at last. I don’t care. I wanna breathe.

    Books aside. We are beginning a second round of “West Wing” again.

    • poolagirl

      I have never seen that show.

      • West Wing is an excellent show. You’d love it, I’m sure. Everyone wished that President Jed Bartlet was the real president. He was so good in the role as were the other actors.

        • Patty O'

          Terri’s right! Aaron Sorkin is an amazing writer. “West Wing” required viewers to pay attention and to THINK. I learned more about how governments (CAN) work from that show than from years of Political Science classes! Well developed characters and brilliant and fast dialogue!

  4. That would be even better if we were on a DESSERT island together! I am eating so many veggies now that I feel like a faux vegetarian….I still eat chicken and fish though.

  5. Patty O'

    I know stories, too, and I cook. I could be a vegetarian, too, if I had to. But would one small container of bacon fat be negotiable? Just to sauté some of the veggies in? And a supply of herbs;/spices? And wine? Otherwise, I’m good…

  6. Valerie

    Sounds like perfect evening to me!

  7. goatbarnwitch

    I don’t eat three meals either so if we pick each other we would last at least a third longer than others… as vegetarians I suspect we would be last ones on the island lol

  8. You get my vote as a desert island companion. Though it might be tough on you as a vegetarian, unless we were shipwrecked with tropical veggies and veggie seeds.

  9. farmgirl

    You do know the minute you get all comfy and snuggled in the storm will hit and you will lose power, right? but figure you have a cool headlamp light to read by!

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