We Must Teach the Children

Captain’s Log   5,943

51 years ago today I was watching this on television.  I am watching television again this morning, and once again, I am deeply saddened.

President John F. Kennedy

The funeral procession for John Kennedy.  I remember sitting there crying and wondering what was going to happen to our country – and the entire world.  This is one of the saddest days I will ever remember.

ferguson police

The police in Ferguson, Missouri.  We have come to this?  

When will fear be erased?  Will it ever be erased?  What makes people so afraid of being kind and fair to one another?  Why do we live in such fear?

We have to reach the children.  Adults are beyond changing.  That’s why I loved working with kids.  They were not afraid to learn.  They were not afraid to be loved.


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18 responses to “We Must Teach the Children

  1. I understand the riots in Ferguson, because there was no justice performed. It’s not okay to respond with violence; yet all I can think is that if this were MY child, MY friend’s child, MY community and race – I might be just as outraged. Sadly the ones hurt most by the rioting had nothing to do with the shooting or with the acquittal of the officer responsible for it. That’s the thing about violence. The guilty are rarely touched by it.

  2. This was bad. Initiation to riot by outsiders always is. Yes, the Kennedy death and funeral were terribly sad and world changing, but for me the Watts Riots were the worst. Coming home to LA from SD the night of the riots, I remember the gut wrenching fear and disbelief I felt seeing National Guardsmen at every exit and entrance to the dark and empty freeway. We were at war, and I didn’t understand beyond the fear. I felt that way again when I saw the airplanes fly into the World Trade Center in 2001.

  3. goatbarnwitch

    The militarization of police is a crime and that is what photo number two shows us. The people of Ferguson are angry because there is no justice if a cop is the shooter. The cop who shoots is above the law it seems. Now, rioting is not the ideal way to express that anger but if the system is not acknowledging that there should be a close look at the actions of the police…..

    • poolagirl

      The police are above reproach. We are living in a police state.

      • What upsets me being the wife of a retired police officer is that not all police are like that. The bad ones make the rest of them look like the worst people. But in seeing the photos of this particular officer, I don’t see where he was hurt ~ I expect he was so scared that he just fired to get the young man away from him…..and then everyone over reacts….out of more anger and more fear.

        • poolagirl

          I think the bad cops have no idea how much they matter in the public eye. They have high-profile jobs and need to act accordingly. The officer in this case was not injured. I have been hurt worse than that restraining a puppy.

  4. Ter

    I can’t wrap my head around any ideology that thinks what’s been happening in Ferguson since last night is an acceptable reaction to the jury’s decision. These are the same people that feel entitled to getting their way because they said so. I was born a good 18 years post-Kennedy, so I can only presume that he wouldn’t approve of what’s going on and the direction our country has gone, from its politicians down to the family unit. I hope when my kids are old enough to learn about the nonsense (because that’s exactly what it is) that’s going on right now, they don’t see the motives and reactions as normal or okay. What’s even more frightening to me is 1) most of those people are old enough to vote and therefore affect policies that affect me (oh hell no!) and 2) they’re teaching their children that this is a perfectly fine way to react to something. This is an adult-level temper tantrum gone terribly wrong and I’m embarrassed on behalf of the residents of Ferguson that don’t espouse those attitudes.

    Wow… end rant 🙂

  5. Patty O'

    Just seeing that photo again brought tears to my eyes…the backward boots, the First Lady’s impeccable behavior, dignity, and strength which kept us all sane, John-John’s salute. Yes, our hearts were – and still are – broken.

  6. As you know, I say it all the time: parents must teach the children. If the parents can’t, the grandparents must. Almost anyone can teach a child, except perhaps trained teachers who can only teach “the book.”

    But obviously, it doesn’t matter that I keep repeating it. Those who agree don’t have to worry. Those who don’t, just gloss over it, the ranting of a crazy old lady.

  7. You are so right. How many of us remembering having a “best friend” who was of a different ethic group when we were children?. And then, we were told “you can’t trust them. Look at what they do” and so on. One of my dearest co-workers was a lady who called me her “sista’ friend” and I was so honored. I miss her to this day.

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