Dancing For Your Enemies

Captain’s Log   5,940

First off, Eminem did NOT say this.  Winston Churchill said it.  I think Eminem probably hides his profound nature.


This is so very true.  If you sit on the wall and let everyone else make the waves, you will never learn to navigate your ship through calm or troubled waters.  In fact, you might not even have a ship.  You might be relegated to the role of cabin boy for the rest of your life.  And yes, cabin boys were really not much more than slaves.  I am not talking about a Chris Elliott movie.

I was also reading about embarrassment the other day.  If you aren’t willing to be embarrassed by something you said or did – or a mistake (heaven forbid THAT), you will never be a leader.  That is profoundly true.   You can’t embarrass yourself unless you put yourself out there to be seen or heard.  People who hide and hang back probably won’t get cast for the good roles or picked early for the team.


I was also thinking about that whole “dance like nobody is watching” thing.  Not sure I agree with that.  If you just start dancing, people tend to watch.  Every single time I dance in the grocery store, people notice.  I like shopping later at night when I think I can get away with dancing, but I always get caught.  I still struggle with that.  Not the dancing part but the getting caught part.  

Most of the time when I dance, I think I look like this.


It would be hard not to notice this.  I would notice this.  Big time.  I would say “Igor is dancing in Aisle Five!”  And then I would flee.

I am better at folk dancing because it frowns on freestyling.  Everything is counted and it all makes sense.  Nowhere in folk dancing are you allowed to go nutzoid.  It’s so very civilized.  The traditional outfits are cool too.


I would love to dance with one of those starched white gizmo things on my head!

I used to slow dance in my younger days.  Mostly because I was sort of drunk and needed someone to hold me up.


Raising a foot like that was kind of risky if you were already tipsy.  This I know.

Should I ever decide to dance again, it might be Morris dancing.  It’s a traditional thing.  The dancers wear bells on their legs, wave white kerchiefs, and smack sticks together in unison.  Kind of like a moving, jingling drum circle.


Is that cool or what?  It’s traditionally a male thing, but women are now dancing as well.  Nobody is sure where it started.  It has all the trappings of paganism and fertility.  Love it!

morris 2

Morris dancing headgear is also quite nice.  Maybe this is how festive hats at the Kentucky Derby got started.


Anyway, some people just hate you because you are a fun-loving lummox.  Fuck them!


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18 responses to “Dancing For Your Enemies

  1. Patty O'

    Brought back memories… I was one of the lucky little girls who learned to dance by standing on Daddy’s shoes. The music of that era: Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, the Dorseys, and all the other Big Band folks. The Girl Singers (Doris Day, Frances Langford). ALL of that. It was wonderful. I’m glad I had all that since now I can hardly walk! I fear my dancing days are over…but if somebody asked me, I would still TRY!

  2. Valerie

    Dance like no one is watching, because they’re not…they’re checking their phones.

  3. Ter

    A friend of mine plays in a band that frequents Contra dances. I’ve been after him for ages to come this way, but the closest he gets in VT.

  4. Susanna

    Those pictures are a riot. Do the large starched hats resemble v-jaja’s or is it just me. The flower hats on the men are really beautiful. Dancing is such fun and I am able to dance better and better (after the pain pill) so I’m slowly healing. Soon I’ll be joining Igor. Thanks for my first big laugh of the day!

    • poolagirl

      More like maxi pads with wings.

      • Actually, I thought I spied a roll of toilet paper on the lady in the reddish dress on the right…..They’re charming in their Charmin . and the hats that the men are wearing are gorgeous…..well…men always did get the more colorful apparel.

        BTW, it appears that Johnny Depp forgot to wear his colander before he went onto the stage for the film awards last week…..

        • oh, what is one to do when reports hit the internet that your girlfriend is cheating on you with Channing Tatum? Well, if you are Johnny Depp then you go on a wild drinking binge and publicly embarrass yourself on television. Depp took the stage at the Hollywood Film Awards, emulating his character Pirates of the Caribbean character Jack Sparrow, and slurring and stumbling like a drunken pirate. The crew at the awards ceremony was forced to play a media package during his speech because it was riddled with strings of profanity that didn’t even make sense.

        • poolagirl

          I sent the message to Johnny too late. Sorry.

  5. Dancing is a way of enjoying the music (even if it’s just in your head). I always feel sorry for the current generation who don’t know how to dance, and don’t seem to care.

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