The Show is Over

Captain’s Log    5,934

I survived.  It was quite an ordeal.  In a nutshell, I looked at 2,400 exhibits, walked over 2o miles, rode in 8 taxis and one limo, stayed in a truly elegant room, found a geocache, watched the tapings for two cable TV shows, met a celebrity or two, got some pumice-laden hand cleaner, was zapped on the neck with a tens unit, watched race cars twirl around the parking lot of the convention center, almost missed the flight out of San Diego, had a delayed flight coming back, got a free t-shirt and a paper clip holder, was never given more than an hour to myself without the office checking in with something or another, won $137 on a slot machine, rubbed elbows with at least 150,000 people.

I was so tired when I got on that plane Friday night I thought I might weep.


Watching 600 cars parading past the viewing stand on their way to another location for an after party that lasted another six hours.  We decided not to go.  I am standing near the palm tree in the upper right corner.  Actually, by this time, I am leaning against the tree.  I was definitely ready to end this fun.  We stood there an hour and only 200 cars had gone by.  We simply could not do it for another two hours.


Inside one of five enormous exhibit areas.  It was hard keeping track of each other!


And I thought Free Tuesday in our museum was bad!  Holy shit, Batman!


My pick of the litter.  Standing off to the side.  No crowds jamming up to see it.  This cutie was just there waiting for me.  What a lovely restoration.

Having done this, I highly doubt if I would ever do it again.  I saw some lovely restorations.  We watched this one being done.  I was leaning on the orange barricade somewhere behind the car.

SemA 5

This was a present a woman was giving to her husband.  Nice present!

So now it’s on to regular work-a-day stuff.  Kind of relieved.  


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14 responses to “The Show is Over

  1. Patty O'

    Not for all the tea in China! I’m glad you are home safe and sound.

  2. poundheadhere

    Welcome back to your normal level of insanity. Please take note of the exits on your left and on your right, but only exit to sanity in case of emergency, as we cannot guarantee your safe landing.

  3. WOW…just like Comic Con with Cars.

  4. I think my son was there for a day. But he was more interested in the new museum in Newport, RI, just opened. Small, but evidently impressive.

    (Newport is THE place for their circle of friends. Before marriage and family, there were a dozen or more who met every summer for a couple of weeks. Now it’s a summer week for the kids and a place for celebrations. His wife brought him to Newport for his birthday last month.)

  5. I’m glad you had the experience but more glad you don’t plan to do it again. Getting that exhausted isn’t fun at all. Hope you are resting up by now.

  6. Penny Tushingham

    That’s Vegas for you!

    Pen Pen

  7. bholles

    Nice to be back to normal.

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