Time to Trade?

Captain’s Log   5,933

Yesterday’s fun at the car place cost me just over $1,100.  In the morning, in the evening.  Ain’t we got fun?

The good news is that the tire didn’t tear whilst I was driving.   The tire didn’t tear whilst I was driving.  Oh god.  That would have been bad.

I puttered around the show room because I had almost three hours to putter.  I fell in love with the 2015 model.  I even like the color.


Oh yeah, baby!

I like the beautiful swooping lines.  I am seriously considering trading out Sister Mary Zoom Zoom for Sister Mary Zoom Zoom Redux.   I got Sister Mary in 2008.  She only has 66,000 miles and has been meticulously maintained.  Kelly Blue Book said she should have 89,000 miles by now.  I could probably get $9,500 in trade or $11,000 in a direct sale.  Maybe more with a set of brand new tires.  This is looking sweeter all the time.  I let my last car cough and wheeze until it literally died in front of my house.  I will never do that again.  That was not smart.  

So much to think about.  Oh dear……….

All checked in for tomorrow’s flight.  Clothes washed.  Nothing packed, but I am going to be a Vegas warrior.  Some jeans and a few sweatshirts should do me just fine.  I am not going to anything glitzy.  Not that I ever do.  I don’t like glitzy.  My docent “date” doesn’t gamble, so this will be a different experience.  I know we are going to do a lot of walking, so decent shoes are essential.  This will be what it will be.  I am just along for the ride.

I have a single room at the Encore.  It looks like this.


Spoil me now!

I might just hang out in my room and watch HBO.  Ooops!  I just checked and they don’t have premium channels.  A room service omelette is $33.  Maybe I will just read and eat the little pretzel things I save from the plane.

I hate sleeping in rooms with mirrors on the wall.  I always wake up and scare myself.

Anyway, I will be landing in 24 hours.  Not sure if I will have a chance to write here or not.  


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13 responses to “Time to Trade?

  1. Joanie B

    I can’t believe you’ve had that car for over 6 years!! It seems like just yesterday. And oh, yes, decent shoes are vital for walking. Make sure the docent has decent docent shoes too. (Sorry, couldn’t help it) Have the $33 dollar omelet. You deserve it. You’ll enjoy the hell out it because it’s so expensive, but you won’t miss the $33 very long. Besides, that’s only about $23 dollars more than you spend for a decent omelette here. So you’re really only losing $23. You could lose that in a slot machine in about 10.5 seconds and not enjoy it nearly as much! Rationalization always works for me.

  2. I think the new car is very beautiful and very appropriate for you. You need to start that new life and what better way than with a gorgeous little Mary Red Riding Car…….

  3. The car guy says trade it in. Do it!

    Yes, I know you are going to have a ball. Please take lots of pictures.

  4. Ooh, I love that red car! (Even though I’m always afraid that red is bad luck for me.)
    Have a wonderful time!

  5. Rhonda

    So, if you want it, I can sell you Marcia’s 2010 Honda Civic – it only has 37,800 miles and like yours, meticulously maintained. Hope to see you in Vegas – can’t get on that plane soon enough!!!!!

  6. Get the new Mazda! GET THE NEW MAZDA!!

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