Killer Cranberries

Captain’s Log   5,931

It’s all about the candy.

puke shoe

I have no idea how much candy I lost to my sister over the years, but since she is ten years older, I’m sure it was a ton.  I was simply too young and inexperienced to fight back.


So I had to go to a retreat all day yesterday.  It took me over an hour to get there and it was only 14 miles away.  Traffic.  I think everybody slowed down to watch a CHP officer pick his nose or something.  Once it broke loose, it was smooth sailing.

The retreat was actually kind of fun.  They gave us both breakfast and lunch.  I still don’t know why people feel compelled to put balsamic vinegar on mozzarella sandwiches, but hey.  I ate it.  I just pretended it wasn’t there and “killed” the taste with some cranberry cookies.  Cranberries do it every time.


I scored this too yesterday.  This is for later.

halloween candy corn


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13 responses to “Killer Cranberries

  1. I love candy corn but haven’t seen any of it this year except the stuff with the chocolate end. That’s not the same. Good, just not the same.

  2. I always swore I’d never sign into anything via FB but am thoroughly sick of not being able to post here at WP.
    Envious of your candy corn! Love it but bought zero candy this year. No trick or treaters. sigh…~LA

  3. I love candy corn too…and especially the candy corn with the chocolate flavor on the bottom……I bought a huge bag of gummie candy and haven’t had ANY trick or treaters and it is SNOWING AND BLOWING OUTSIDE…..

  4. annanotbob


  5. bholles

    You better not go trick or treating tonite or I will have to come over tomorrow and steal your candy.

  6. maryz

    I love candy corn! But I can’t remember the last time I had any. Hmmm, I wonder if there are any small packs in the assortment sack I got.

  7. Green grossness. Glad I don’t have a sibling. LOL

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