Palm Desert

Captain’s Log    5,927

Going to Palm Desert to meet a rich guy today who wants to help support the museum.  He said we will have drinks on the patio before heading off for lunch.  This is his patio.


Think I could get used to this view.  

Almost three hours to get there.  I need to get moving.


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22 responses to “Palm Desert

  1. Beautiful view. How’d the meeting go?

  2. Glad you had a good day…..and beautiful scenery.

  3. I hope the day was successful – and peaceful!

  4. Hope it was a profitabe visit. Are you going to be taking up golf?

  5. susanna

    Does he have a retired brother? I could get used to that too.

  6. Would you believe…Palm Desert is a place I have actually visited. (One of my aunts retired there.)
    I seem to remember we started out early from LA, and it was an easy drive because we were driving against the commuter traffic.
    It seemed to be a very nice place to live. Maybe it makes its residents congenial.

  7. Patty O'

    ENJOY! It’s a beautiful day for a drive!

    • poolagirl

      I went over the mountains instead of around them. Scary!

      • Patty O'

        Oh! But that Pines to Palms Highway (Or Palms to Pines) is DO beautiful that the added vigilance is well worth it. I haven’t done that drive in EONS but used to love it. Did you go up the 15 and through Hemet or did you go to Santa Ysabel, past Warner Hot Springs and through Anza? Both have their charms. Makes me itch for a long ride I know I shouldn’t take…

  8. Rhonda

    I will be in San Diego later – Mia is picking me up from the trolley stop at the bottom of the hill around 4. We are going to dinner at Sammy’s – you want to meet us?

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